Things to do while you are at home

Are you afraid that you kids are going to drive you crazy? Think instead: precious memories. What satan meant for evil, God will use for good. Spend some time with the children.
You may not have cylindrical insets like Montessori, but you probably have pots and pans that match. Let you child explore that match.
Also they could be musical instruments.
An slightly older child could make a xylophone with a set of glasses and water.
Learn how to properly wash a table, washcloths, and other household chores. Check a Montessori website if you don’t have a picture of how and why to do this.
Tell a story together. Build it piece by piece. It will be funny. Or let the children dictate and you write it down.
Tape butcher paper right down the table. Draw out a big picture — like maybe the party that Ashareurus threw. Let the children color it in while you tell the story.
Paydough can be made with whiteflour, salt and water. Soap flakes and tempra paint can make finger paint. Some leaves, an old paintbrush and a screen over a box makes great spatter art.
PUT AWAY the screens. Make a competition with another family how long you can go without screens (except business phone.) But okay, watch a movie together.
Camp in the backyard. Make a fire. Plant a garden.
Make some Christmas cards, or a recipe book, or some gifts for others.
Plan a special celebration for Easter.
Learn and instrument. Practice a language. Pick a country and make a travel theme.
Build a website. Do some evangelism online.
Meet your neighbors and be sure they are okay. You can stand away while still doing this. LOL
Clean out your closets.
Post pictures of beauty rather than more covid-10 nonsense (on and on and on non-essential stuff is nonsense)
Write letters of appreciation.
Check in and talk about important things. How is life going? What are the dreams? What is really going on?
Play real games, like board games, twister, cards.