We all know there is no cure for the common cold, correct? We all know that we are helpless against the ravages of the flu, unless we count rare and potentially dangerous new medicines, right? WRONG! IN keeping with our tradition of bringing good ideas from others to you, this is from William Faloon, “What to Do if You Contract Influenza” published in Life Extension Magazine January 2010.
These are all over the counter items. Each one has extensive scientific support, for which Faloon gives citations.

1. Climetidine 800 mg daily Check contraindications. (!!Not good for those with asthma or heart problems)
2. High Allicin garlic 9K once or twice a day
3. DHEA 200-400 mg early in day (my comment: !! notice this magazine is for mature adults!)
4. Lactoferrin 1,200 mg a day
5. Zinc Lozenges, 2 times of 24 mg lozenges every two waking hours (!!) This is a toxic level if taken over long term. This is for only a few days.
6. Melatonin 10-50 mg at bedtime
7. Aged Garlic extract 3,600 mg a day
Key is do this immediately, or at least within 2 days of first symptoms!

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Okay, so this is pretty interesting. Had some good results. And I figured you would be interested so a couple of options:

1. Booklet : Cures for the Cold and the Flu with more than a dozen remedies, complete with citations and reports from my own experience where applicable. Pre-publication order: $20.00

2. Rescue Box for Viral Infections with the above 7 items, plus my favorite cough suppressant tablets, vitamin c tablets, and colloidal silver. $197 plus shipping

Okay – in response to someone’s question: No, this is NOT diagnosis nor prescription. It is not medicine, but by contrast, science and trade. I don’t want to be part of the matrix that keeps people sick, poor, and ignorant! Now, think of what it takes to write a book; books are valuable; but also think of how likely a book lover would be to be caught off guard, without, and forgetting when sick. The price for the box is reasonable retail cost, with a little for shopping, aggregating, finding a box, and putting in instructions. If you want to make a swap (money for stuff), here is my address: Sharon Sarles P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, TX 78630.

Please listen to preview of GSB for Grands or Grand Well-being for more information:
GSB4G Cure Colds 1645 160328

Please share. No reason people should suffer, spend lots of money without getting any better, and continue in the hopeless, helpless “nothing can be done” mindset. Faith springs into actions.

Timely! Although this cast is primarily for the grandparent generation, no mother will want to be ignorant of these principles!

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