The Lioness Tribe for Their Children’s Success

Hear how we get success for our children who face challenges. Join our tribe.

The longer we live the more we realize that there are challenges in life. The trick is to find out how to overcome those challenges. A surprisingly large number in my generation discovered that their children were facing learning problems. My family faced those, and had been facing those, even though we were very much academically oriented. So, as a result, I got some victory to tell about — and share.

Then, a couple of years ago I met another woman, who like me was a grandmother who was determined to get some victory for a grandchild who was “disabled” in many ways. If you have followed the GSB Facebook page (now abandoned), you have seen the progress of this little boy. We have shared this grandmother’s prayers and victories regarding this little grandson. When she shared her story with us, we adopted the idea of being a lioness tribe. You may know that the term “tiger mother” was in vogue at that time to denote Asian mothers who were determined that their children would be successful especially in academics. So, then, maybe we can be lioness mothers. We care for our cubs, we will be strategic if necessary, and we will stick together for the good of the cubs. That’s the lioness way. You may join us!

So, come be a lioness, on the prowl for good ideas for your children in their battle to overcome whatever challenges they may have. We preach a faith that issues into action, and is supernaturally blessed of heaven, for we believe that God indeed wants great shalom for all children. (The world is broken, but God is working to redeem it.That is correct Christian doctrine if not very widely shared.) Believe that your child can succeed. Search for the right ideas to be helpful. See victory — meaning a great life for your child– being a competent adult, fulfilling her/his vocation, having nothing missing nothing broken.

Offer today as a thank you gift for giving: packets called “Faith Family Learning” that were the first version of Learn at Home for Great Shalom – which book is available at For the thank you gift, you MUST communicate with us your address. This is NOT an ebook, so we would need your land address. Ours is P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630 and our email is

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