The Jab and OSHA

Looks like there is a halt to vax requirement at work.

OSHA originally put out guidance to employers that if they required their employees to be vaccinated, then any injuries resulting from that would be “reportable.” This meant that companies wanting a good workplace safety record would be in danger of losing it. It increased the likelihood of those companies being sued. Thus, the guidance meant that most big companies would refrain from requiring the jab.

Osha has now backed down due to … well most probably pressure from the current administration.

Here is some reliable reporting on the issue:

My advice: Is it worth risking death immediately (low percentage), death within 3-5 years (likely), or a great deal of pain and early death (almost certainly) to keep that job? Probably not. There are lots of jobs in this world. And some state need workers desperately. The same states are more skeptical about the jab.

Also, remember that the law demands there be a religious exemption. You probably need a church that believes in healing anyway, don’t you? check out —-

UPDATE: Texas bans vaccine passports.

Check the news shared analysis from a citizen: why would an employer risk alienating have the workforce in a time when they need workers? I would add: why would airlines, with thin profit margins alienate half of their customers? Lots of us are driving. We will be looking for safer airlines. We will be going to destinations that are not participating in the “shedding” — because THIS IS SPREADING. We will be avoiding giving out information to corrupt governments. Half of us know. Both conservatives and liberals know. We like health, safety, life, and liberty.

Looks like there is plenty of resistance to this alarmingly dangerous, unhealthy even deadly — and unimaginable tyrannical requirement.

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