The Center of the Gospel; the Center of the Bible

I am amazed at how much people want to teach against all that God has promised. People know that miraculous healing exists, but they spend hours and hours of Bible study dissuading people. What? You get arguments in most any church. Why?
Let’s just look at the text.
The text that most explains our salvation in terms of forgiveness of sin also, in the very meaning of the words promises healing for our bodies. Why exempt our minds? Why exempt anything? Why reduce the gospel to the miniscule? Why?
Let’s just look at the text.
I hope this train of thought will be of great encouragement to you. No one is more hopeful than a mother praying for her child. Of course, God wants your child to be well, and happy, and successful — just as much as you do. There seems to be resistance and delay often. I am familiar with that. Let’s just not agree and acquiesce and resign ourselves to it. Let’s believe the text. Let’s have faith in God.

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