Texas Home School Coalition Endorsements for Nov. 4 Election — Texas only

Hi Sharon,

November 3rd’s election results will have a drastic impact on Texas homeschoolers. These candidates need us more than ever.

Homeschool families like yours have often made the difference in critical races that were decided by a handful of votes.

Below are the candidates that THSC has endorsed. They need our votes AND our volunteer help.

Contacting voters is the number one way to get votes on Election Day. To help a specific candidate, click on their name to be redirected to their campaign for more information on how you can help.

Homeschoolers have protected family values for more than 30 years. You can help ensure that Texas is a state where families are free to raise and educate their children as they see fit.

Thank you for assisting us in Keeping Texas Families Free!


Tim Lambert, THSC President
Statewide Judicial:

Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice – Nathan Hecht
Texas Supreme Court, Place 6 – Jane Bland
Texas Supreme Court, Place 7 – Jeff Boyd
Texas Supreme Court, Place 8 – Brett Busby
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3 – Bert Richardson

Court of Appeals:

2nd Court of Appeals, Place 7 – Brian Walker
9th Court of Appeals, Chief Justice – Scott Golemon

U.S. Congress:

Congressional District 8 – Kevin Brady
Congressional District 13 – Ronny Jackson
Congressional District 21 – Chip Roy
Congressional District 23 – Tony Gonzales
Congressional District 24 – Beth Van Duyne

Texas Senate:

Senate District 1 – Bryan Hughes
Senate District 4 – Brandon Creighton
Senate District 11 – Larry Taylor
Senate District 18 – Lois Kolkhorst
Senate District 19 – Pete Flores
Senate District 21 – Frank Pomeroy
Senate District 22 – Brian Birdwell

Texas House of Representatives:

House District 2 – Bryan Slaton
House District 5 – Cole Hefner
House District 6 – Matt Schaefer
House District 15 – Steve Toth
House District 23 – Mayes Middleton
House District 25 – Cody Vasut
House District 26 – Jacey Jetton
House District 45 – Carrie Isaac
House District 66 – Matt Shaheen
House District 67 – Jeff Leach
House District 69 – James Frank
House District 70 – Scott Sanford
House District 73 – Kyle Biedermann
House District 89 – Candy Noble
House District 91 – Stephanie Klick
House District 92 – Jeff Cason
House District 93 – Matt Krause
House District 94 – Tony Tinderholt
House District 107 – Samuel Smith
House District 128 – Briscoe Cain
House District 130 – Tom Oliverson
House District 132 – Mike Schofield
House District 138 – Lacey Hull
House District 150 – Valoree Swanson

Local Judicial Candidate:

96th District Court, Tarrant County – Pat Gallagher
99th District Court, Lubbock County – Phillip Hays
114th District Court, Smith County – Austin Reeve Jackson
401st District Court, Collin County – George Flint
431st District Court, Denton County – Jim Johnson
457th District Court, Montgomery County – Vince Santini
469th District Court, Collin County – Piper McCraw

Local Candidates:

Collin County Commissioner, Precinct 3 – Darrell Hale
Ellis County Commissioner, Precinct 3 – Paul Perry
Harris County Sheriff – Joe Danna

2020 Municipal Election Endorsements

Local Candidates:

Frisco City Council, Place 5 – Ruan Meintjes

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