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The Blessing Economy

Finishing up our series on The Blessing, on May 27, 2012, I am running the episode from 2008 on the economy of blessing. I unpack the Scriptures on how we should model, train and invest in teaching our children about financial stewardship.

I mentioned the book by David Walsh entitled NO. Here is a link to it: No: Why Kids–of All Ages–Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It

Please pray about investing in children through supporting The Great Shalom. We need rebranding, reformating, a new professional website, audio editing, and air time money. This ministry offers something vital and unique. Can you see the vision? Most young people will not, unless it comes in a more professional package and over more airwaves. More than 50% of the children today are broken in some way, 43% of them are born in families with no father, and een families with 2 parents are often very strapped financially. Can you see to help? This is the most needful mission field. Yet, GSB is not supported by any denomination, congregation, or larger ministry. I do not make emotional appeals, pressure or cry. I am trusting God. But God is relying on you. The hour is late. Please act on the prompting of the Holy Spirit. — Thanks, Sharon Sarles

The Blessing!

Your bundle of joy was a blessing. Then diapers happened? Does it seem that it went downhill from there? It is all about laying hold of the promised blessing. This, is in fact, the gospel. I know if may sound strange. God does want to bless you. God is trying to get blessings to you. Yes, and to and on your child. Check out the broadcast. We got into some heavy duty Bible this week, to understand the blessing. Coming up is how to bless your child. Been believing in positive confession to make money come? What about making all things good come in your child’s life?

Please share how this blessing thinking works in your house.