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Help Your Children Avoid Porn, Sex Abuse and Sex Trafficking

Every parent today has to help their children avoid porn, sex abuse and sex trafficking. Dani Johnson gave us great ideas. We must realize that children with LD often are targets and subject to sex abuse.

Dani Johnson, of multi-level marketing fame, is also a mother, and as such concerned with the well-being of children. She very graciously gave us an interview back in 2009 on her book *Grooming the Next Generation for Success.* Then, upon discovering her campaign, we also had her share with us her campaign against porn. She knew because she was involved in marketing that men were sitting in board rooms figuring out how they could get children addicted to porn — for profit. As a trainer of sales and business people she knew how to help people prepare for what they would face. As a mother, she helped her boys prepare for what they would face. I thought it was brilliant how she would ask her moppet sons what they would do when they walked past Victoria Secrets store in the mall or what they would do while they were waiting in the line at the grocery store.

This is certainly related to learning and disability issues. First, we know that children with disabilities and with “learning disabilities” get picked on more than others. Because they often miss social cues, they seem to have a target on their back. Secondly, there is some research that suggests that children who can not compete in school then try to compete in other ways. The boys tend to get into legal trouble because of this. There is a correlation between LD and JD or in other words, boys with a diagnosis of “learning disability” often also get labeled “Juvenile Delinquent.” Prisons are filled with people who should have been helped academically. Girls, on the other hand, may compete on beauty and more feminine endeavors. This may make them more at risk for sexual abuse.

Dani Johnson clearly contributed to all of us at that time. I can only imagine what she must think now. Who could have ever imagined the kind of scandal that we have seen in child sex-trafficking? We are so grateful for recent politicians who permitted some brave law enforcement people to go after these criminals. What is so frightening is how many were highly placed in society — how unlikely it would have been that these children would ever have been freed.


Dani Johnson in 2009 was talking to us about helping children avoid porn. Now everyone knows more about sex trafficking. We are so grateful for those who led in having ministries to victims and those who led in law enforcement to rescue these children. We are bewildered why officials would want to put a stop to this.

As mothers, let us consider how to be sure our children are not kidnapped. Firstly, keep your children very close to you. Even 40 years ago it did happen that babies were snatched from mothers’ arms. Given that I had a blonde baby girl, I normally carried her in a baby carrier, on my front, especially when I went downtown without my husband. 2) Know where your children are at all times and make sure that they have a habit of not only telling you where they are but also coming back when called and at agreed upon times. it might seem to some people that you are a controlling mom. No, this is basic responsibility needed for adulthood and it is basic safety practice as soon as your child is old enough to leave your presence. Surely, at some point you want them to do that. Go to the store? Go to play at the playground in your apartment complex. As soon as they can do that, they must have a habit of
cooperating with you to be sure that they are not kidnapped. Don’t tell them this, but if they are, the sooner you know it, the better! 3) They must know how to tell who they are and who you are and where they live. 4) They must be able to distinguish between a stranger and a police officer. When I was little and people talked about strangers, they often didn’t define who “stranger” was. So, children thought a “stranger” was a monster. They need to know who are neighbors, who are faculty, and who are just any adult. Any adult they do not know is a stranger. 5) They need to know how to fight. 6) They need to know how to make a big stink. And when. 7) They need to know how to keep quiet and be compliant until they can find a phone or a good person. Train these things. Inform your children but not in such a way as to make them afraid. It is just preparedness.


Today, however, we do know that not just porn but child sex trafficking abuse is in the news. Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow have been working in this area. They are preachers, but have an abiding interest in the well-being of children who are abused sexually. Please allow me to put some links to some of the things they have said.

Johnny prophesied that the year 5779 (2020) would be a year of deliverance. During the lockdown, He and Elizabeth were hosting Communion online. I remember then how they rejoiced at some news that some children had been freed from sex trafficking. This is the best record I can find for that: Day of Great Deliverance.

While Johnny & Elizabeth have been spared the heartache of having been victims themselves both have been very close to some heart rending situations where children were abused and church leaders were abused and snookered into being the victimizers. And so forth. Therefore, both Johnny and Elizabeth have said some kind, firm and helpful things on this topic. When I find more links, I will put them here.

Unfortunately, it is a real problem1 It is hard for families today to avoid porn, sex abuse and sex trafficking. Many have not beena ble to keep their children safe. Recent news of freeing enslaved children has made the news.

The Elijah List likes to report on Johnny’s work and words. Here is an article that mentions his stand against sex abuse of children.

Here is Elizabeth’s latest: Choose Love

[Ps. Johnny & Elizabeth are not related nor followers of Q-anon. They do believe in “7 mountain” theology, but that is NOT dominionism as in take over the world like a theocracy like say the Ayatollah teaches. I view it as normal Reformation doctrine. Calvin taught that Christians should see their occupation as their spiritual vocation. This is an historic and respectable view. You might not know that if you are not knowlegable about the conversation and just did a google search. Lots of slander found on that way. For instance, try Googling “Dalai Lama.” Back when Google was the largest search engine in China you would get few and only negative hits. Google was playing by Red China’s rules. Do you the Dalai Lama is a bad guy? ‘Nuf said. ]


We do very little of getting into the discussions of the day. Only when the issue relates to children especially learning problems, and only when we are pretty sure we have facts that need to be shared, will be share them. since we began, since we share a wide variety of views from the practical to the spiritual, we have said that one speaker is never responsible for for another says. When I was on the radio, I would give a shout out to any group listening. When the ADHD expert in town came to speak and was a Methodist, we said hello to the Methodists. When I wanted to invite a Baptist who was nationally known for his work with children, I told him he was not responsible for what the pentecostal guy said the week before. Just take what benefits you. The principle is: eat the meat and spit out the bones. Not every idea is shared; not every idea applies to your child.
Christine Kane’s campaign against slavery. https://www.endslaverynow.org/blog/articles/christine-caine-the-a21-campaign

Patricia King helping women out of prostitution and into business. https://www.xpmedia.com/video/527

Latest news on sex trafficking and enforcement against them: Looks like new federal administration putting restraint on recent progress in apprehending and deporting sex offenders. https://www.theepochtimes.com/us-marshals-ice-reevaluate-operations-on-sex-offenders-after-biden-deportation-freeze_3694261.html?utm_source=news&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=breaking-2021-02-12-1