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God’s Healing Plan – Straight from the Bible

Are you believing for a healing for you or for your child? This 4 part series will boost your faith. I recorded it directly after coming back from Pastor Benny Hinn’s ministers’ meeting last June. It has a strong anointing on it.

Let me know if you would like a daily prayer podcast. I’m working on it. On the other hand, a podcast or broadcast in Spanish might be more wanted. Let me know what you think.

Registration for the homeschooling mom’s pamper event is now closed. We are, however, beginning to take registration for the Pastor’s Preschool Day in Dallas on May 13. Just to clarify, lol, the pastors will not be going into preschool, but talking about starting a preschool. Any congregational leaders, ordained or lay, are welcomed. Email me at info@greatshalom.org for more information.

Don’t miss the first ever. People from other states are welcomed, although regulations may vary slightly.

Teaching through gardening

Nice thought from my favorite seed company:
John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
School Gardening

School buses are back on the road and children are back in class. This is the perfect time to help your community’s schools create fall gardens and young garden wizards. Just because Labor Day has come and gone, it doesn’t mean that gardens are done for the season.

Gardens Help Grow Students
For some lucky students, going back to school also means going into the garden where their curious minds and busy hands can learn in exciting new ways. More and more schools are integrating gardening into their curriculum as a way to help kids learn about how to grow food and flowers, as well as history, other cultures, nutrition, the environment, hunger, economics, energy, math and even poetry.

One of the best things about garden-based learning programs is how they engage children on so many different levels: intellectual, emotional and social. Kids who have learned by doing come away with insights, confidence, practical knowledge and skills they can use for the rest of their lives.