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Does Grace is Sufficient Mean there Is or Is Not Healing?

We unfold the idea of grace and how it relates to healing. Many people use Paul’s words about grace being sufficient as if God is saying we must just suffer and not expect help. Does that make sense? Let’s start with definitions of words. What is grace, after all?

Grace is unmerited favor, yes, but it is also the provision of help to get things done.

How would that apply to healing of learning problems for your children? I say we believe in healing and will take it anyway it comes: miraculously, natural healing as is given in creation, innovative teaching, or by whatever means. Hope and faith, then are the beginning points — not resignation and buckling under to suffering. We are called to suffer persecution and the difficulties of being God’s hand of love in the world, but nowhere are we told we are called to suffer simply because it is God’s will for us! or because the world is broken through the fall. No! Jesus came to redeem us. Let us believe, hope, and search for healing for our children.

Forgiveness is good, Cleansing better

It is good news that God forgives.
If you don’t feel like you need forgiveness, wait 5 minutes.
I needed my own message yesterday, as I — even after recording the message on I John 1:8 — began to feel bad that my daughter’s problem were all due to my lack in parenting and providing. Fortunately I remembered the lesson. God is faithful to forgive. That is great; it sets me free from past failures.
God is also faithful to cleanse. So now I know better than I did. I can implement that.
God even empowers. God’s grace is empowering, not just forgivine. Ha! As if grace were only backward looking and not useful for present and future. That was the old religion I grew up in. No! grace empowers. Faithful to forgive, and cleanse, and grow, implement, prosper, do. Glory to God!
So we CAN be great parents, teachers, sons of God! Good news to start your week.