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Praying in the Prodigals

Nearly every family has one — or several. Too often, feeling alone, we have lost the heart to pray for them. It is high time we link arms and pray together. Today we are doing just that. Using Isaiah 43:6 as our promise, we pray in confidence that the prodigals will be brought back. In fact, while we are at it, let’s make the enemy pay for the theft of our children with the return of their whole generation into the kingdom.

Rebirth for a Nation, a ministry, and many children

What is Jesus using his faith for? People! God wants more people to love, to help, to succor (that means help).

We need to valiantly, actively seek the Kingdom. Seek first the Kingdom — God’s way of doing things. Notice that Jesus prayed this first, even before “give us food.”

LEt’s get out of the distractions of red v. blue and lean toward Kingdom.

Kingdom is giving, forgiving, and loving.

May this be our nation, our culture, our lives.

If we do so, then we will work together, partner under God’s officers. And many, many children will be helped. We believe for healing of millions of children, much success for all those who would recieve, and a turn-around for a generation.