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The Truth About Columbus Day and Thanksgiving Day

I hope you enjoy your time off. I hope you celebrate both Columbus Day and Thanksgiving Day with your children. Let’s talk about those. It is important.
BTW, notice, I quote original documents.
Do you know what all this fake news and fake history is about? See 2 Thessalonians 2:12: they believe lies because they love wickedness. We were told that this would happen. And if you think back honestly, you will realize that is exactly what is happening. People wanted to cast off restraint so they chose the version of reality or the argument that permitted such. Then that became the only argument. Then it shouts down the real truth. Then righteousness becomes looked upon as evil. That is exactly what has happened: a different value set has been substituted and is being taught everywhere. So children stand up and yell at their teachers — even teachers who would have been counted as liberal in any other time. And think they have acted wisely! Imagine, then, how other children feel? They are intimidated if even teachers and professors are. You MUST know about this.