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School Choice: A Reasoned Approach: Diane Douglas, Dr. Marlene McMillan, Dr. Douglas Pietersma

School Choice, or really vouchers of government money to private education is a hot topic.  Everyone is reacting emotionally. Here are 3 reasoned approaches.

Diane Douglas  relates the experience of Arizona’s ESA (Educational Savings Accounts.)  Oh, that sounds great, doesn’t it? Who could be against that? Well, here what happened in Arizona. It didn’t work out for freedom. We will give a review and a taste, but why don’t you get what all she said?  I am seeing people people here in Texas post about ESA ;  seems deceptive to me.

Dr. Marlene McMillan, famed for arguing for liberty and principled thinking outlines the 15 premises that are used in the argument for school vouchers, and what the result will be. She says control must follow the money. Clear. Again, while I will read some of what I think are highlights, please get the document to read and study.


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Dr. Douglas Piertsma, a former USAF Intelligence Officer,  has a clearly entitled chapter : Don’t take the cheese.” He says he fully understands the hope that dollars will follow the child, but dollars that follow a child are still dollars controlled by a system that is not religiously neutral, but specifically humanist or anti-Christian. Rats die because they don’t understand why the cheese is free.

Now working in the homeschool arena.

Given what I am seeing on social media, the Democrats and leftists are arguing against the bills because they don’t think that government money should be given to private or religious initiatives. So, if both right and left are against this..and for the same reason… who is pushing it? Whatcha wanna bet that money with strings will be styled as the compromise between the two groups?

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Douglas: Legislature shortchanges school voucher program

Dr. McMillan is an international speaker, often referred to as the Lady of Liberty and Forgiveness. She has a website at whylibertymatters.com. And with that, let me welcome to the program right now, Dr. Marlene McMillan. Marlene McMilla…: Well, thank you for having me. I’m looking forward to our time together. Thank you.