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Okay to notify me

You guys, if I forget to post something, it is okay to drop me an email. I’m trying to do more jobs than any one person can do.

By the way, the ministry of helps applies to broadcast ministry too. Know what I’m talking about? Take a look at I Corinthians 12:28. God gives spiritual grace for you to fulfill your place in the overall Body of Christ. You may not be called to be a broadcast preacher, but you are called to be some part of the Body. Many are called to be in the Helps Ministry.

Every part is important. How can the thumb do its work without the elbow. Lots of people want to be thumbs and nobody elbows. Maybe that is why the church looks like all thumbs!

Serving in helps ministry – or wherever you are called — is oftena challenge, always an opportunity to grow in new skills and understanding, always a good place to start a harvest, and always brings richness and meaning to your life.

Are you aligned with the mission and calling of The Great Shalom? Are you standing in faith for the healing of children, for their success, acheivement and well-being? Would you like to have a part of the grace of this commission to cultivate total well-being and to raise up an army that will speak faith into the next generation? I think it is the most exciting, most needed, most important mission field that exists today.

You could be part of all that. You could help with social networking, with technical support, and or with praying. If you want to be part of this, email me at info@greatshalom.org and tell me about your life mission and what you would like to do. Thanks and God richly bless you.