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Answers to Other Religions and Challenges of Education Answer 5

This is primarily a broadcast about the healing of children. Right now we are in a series that answers challenges to the faith. This is important because parents want to equip their children in the modern world so they don’t lose their faith and also because young parents themselves may be wavering in their faith. Wavering in faith does not help getting prayers answered!

However, I am interspersing the”Answers” series with other topics because I have about 9 episodes and do not want to leave behind the original goal of preaching healing and promoting natural health. Originally I felt that the greatest need was healing for learning disabilities. No one was teaching that. I was uniquely positioned to do so. Since then, I have discovered that there is less knowledge about that need because the standards of public school are so very low, and lowering and lowering, although it seems entirely hidden. So what would have been recognized as a painful learning disability even 20 years ago remains unknown. But there is lots of pain — but mostly covered by confusion — these days. So GSB continues to address those pain points with truth, which is truly good news.

Next week we will have a prayer time for our children, and also for the election, as it relates to children. This broadcast, in primarily being about healing never has gotten into politics, and will attempt to continue in that vein. If you are desirous of discussion education policy, please come to www.thegovernmentisnotavillage.com.

Also, since practical health measures, based on the idea that God created the world good and wishes health more than even healing, I have shared good ideas for moms. Then I see and hear so much desire for that among the grandparent generation. Please notice at the top of the page are “tabs” where you may select the GSB 4 Grands page and listen to those episodes. If you would like more of this, and if I get enough response, then it may be worth making a separate podcast and a separate website for we the grandparent generation. Remember, “We will stay fresh and green, bringing fruit forth, even in old age” — which I read is 120 years old.

For today the answers (apologia) have to do with the challenge that all paths lead to the same place, that faith is for the uneducated, and that faith makes one less able to be successful. NOT NOT NOT LOL.

Please go to www.lulu.com for my book on How to not lose your faith in college. Please write me directly at P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630 if you want all 9 episodes on CD.