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Is my child ADD?

Is my child ADD? Here are some mom-to-mom tips.

Your child’s teachers tells you she thinks your child has attention problems or is hyperactive. What should you do?

1. Listen calmly. Ask: “What are you seeing that makes you say that.” Children often act differently under different circumstances. Hear the teacher out; get her point of view.

2. No pressure. Realize that no teacher can diagnose. In Texas it is illegal for a teacher to tell you that you must put your child on drugs.

3. Think about these issues.

    *Is the child getting enough outdoor time? Is it really ADD or Outside Deficit Disorder?
    *Children, and boys especially, need active exercise time.
    *Is the child bored? Bright children, especially boys, if they are not challenged academically, may seek stimulation elsewhere.
    *Is the child being irritated by food dyes or other food sensitivities. (For more about that, hear our audio cast “GSB Get the Red [Dye} Out 120219” available at www.greatshalom.org player.)
    *Does the child have adequate, regularly dosed nutrition, especially protein? Hungry children have a hard time focusing
    *Might the child be depressed? Children sometimes display depression and tension differently than adults do.

4. Realize that only an MD can formally diagnose ADD/ADHD, yet other help is available.

    *Doctors do not have an objective marker to make this diagnosis; they will ask for reports from several people.
    *Doctors do not have education in pharmaceuticals or nutrition or complementary approaches, unless they taught themselves against the grain of the system.
    *Most nutritionists were trained in graduate schools funded by agribusiness and pharmaceuticals.
    *There are many wellness disciplines rising, such as ND s, OD s, and compounding pharmacists who specialize in understanding supplements. Network to find someone who is competent and trustworthy.

GSB has a CD set :
A Mom’s Protocol for Attention Problems

and has a recommended Book of the Month by a medical doctor who teaches wellness without medication when possible. Www.greatshalom.org

Brain Balance

Eric and Anna Bauereis of Brain Balance Austin tell us about their experiences helping their son and now how they can help many other children. Apparently discovering unbalanced development between the hemispheres of the brain can point to ways learning can be improved and frustration for children to be decreased. Brain Balance starts with nutrition and then adds an individualized program, based on multi-faceted assessments. Brain Balance is a franchise based on the work of Dr. Melillo.
Here is the book that Anna recommended: The Disconnected Kid.

Apologies for late posting

The podcasts are up today. I apologize that they are a few hours late. Besides the usual crush of Monday happenings, I went to a funeral today. You might hear about my thoughts on that. I am hungry to preach The Word again.

What do you think on that score? Like the Word better than the practical bits? The stats say you do.