Secret to Healing — Hidden in Plain Sight

In this 4 part series, I am unfolding the promises about healing.

Today I chanced to see a program on television titled “Healing Journeys.” They talk to doctors and researchers and then always have a segment with a woman who knows about shamans and meditation and such like. I notice she never ever mentions the Christian faith. She talks about how we are learning how we can heal ourselves through meditation. Of course, this is not completely wrong. Sitting, relaxing, and changing what we can measure as brain waves is good for the body. How much more deep, however, is connecting with the Creator ? In fact, now there is research that Christian prayer, prayed for people who are extremely sick, even when the patient does not know about the prayer, has a very significant result, statistically.

So, maybe this ought to be reported. Maybe Christians ought to embrace both sides of this: spiritual promises AND practical health measures — since we find them in the Bible. Maybe we ought also, as a matter of evangelism, discuss what we are taught about health and healing in the Bible. Jesus certainly used healing as an attention getter so he could share with people a new perspective. Didn’t he heal people and then talk to them? And not always just people who were already his disciples.

Isaiah 53 is a chapter that is central to the Christian faith, and it is also the place where I most clearly see healing promised. Healing then is hidden in plain sight. Let’s get into the Word, and see what God said.

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