Revelation: Stay out of street protests now

Isa 42:2 He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street.

In these end times, it is following Jesus to stay out of street violence. Jesus never led into violence. Jesus never led into complaining.  Holy Spirit is never the author of confusion, strife or dissension.  In this time, there is an evil desire to stir up contention and unrest in the population. The controllists are using the resentments of the less advantaged to make trouble so they can clamp down. Street protests no longer are useful, have always had attempts at subversion, and today are dangerous. Stay out of them!

Jesus said to go the second mile and to turn the other cheek. Paul said to submit. Gandhi was firmly holding to the truth. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King taught nonviolent resistance and went to great lengths that no one should ever be harmed; even his opponents reputation should not be harmed or he would call off a march. Today, instead, we see protests based on lies and turning into riots.

Even after it was publicly known that Brown was a consistent criminal, still there was a second annual march. To this day the name of Michael Brown is used in a list of police wrong-doing!

Today, we are not permitted to distinguish between a pervasive war of terror and regular street crime — by national policy. At the same time, we are urged to call regular crime ( and some times innocent nothings) hate crimes. While at the same time real hate is becoming policy and certainly widely enflamed.

Listen to me, listen to me. By revelation: stay out of street protests. Stay home and go to work.  Pray. Vote. Talk to your neighbors in a reasoned way.

Remember: Resentment is the work of the devil. Fanning it will bring nothing good. Thankfulness is a better vibration. Yes?




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