Report on Helping Children in Israel Who Have Suffered Trauma Because of the Violence

Dear Friend of Israel,

I am writing urgently to you as the State of Israel finds itself under aggressive and violent rocket attack, unprecedented in recent years. I wanted to immediately update you on the children, since I know so many of you are praying right now.

Earlier this week, Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day while the Muslims observed Ramadan and tensions quickly exploded. Palestinian rioters on the Temple Mount clashed with Israeli police, and similar Arab violence erupted in cities throughout Israel. At the same time, Hamas exploited the situation by launching massive rocket fire. Instead of a few missiles that we have sadly become accustomed to, this time, Hamas fired THOUSANDS of dangerous missiles at Israel, from Ashkelon to Ashdod and Tel Aviv to Jerusalem killing 7, injuring dozens and causing trauma to nearly every child in the State of Israel.

As you know, the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund (SICF) has been at the forefront of treating trauma in Israeli children for nearly twenty years and so we immediately sprang into action to help in any way we can.

We are here on the ground in Israel, but can only help with support from our friends like you. Please click below to heal Israel’s terror victims.

With this latest explosion of violence, trauma is spreading out of control, especially among the children. SICF is experienced, calm, and has proven itself in previous waves of terrorism and crisis. Our first response trauma team went into action working cooperatively with schools and families from the moment the riots began and the missiles started falling.

Despite the difficult challenges, we will heal the trauma! I will continue to update you with the situation on the ground, and how our efforts are impacting the lives of Israeli terror victims.

Please consider making a generous donation to help the children of Israel today.

With prayers for peace,

David Rubin
Founder and President
Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund

I have met David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, and founder of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund. He comes well recommended by friends both Christian and Messianic. He is Jewish. His therapy center takes children whether they are Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian or whatever. I have personally witnessed aggressive lies being told about what is going on in the ongoing tensions. I have personally seen a diversity of opinion amoung Jews, but all for democracy and for peace. I have personally seen deceitful communication from the other side. Notice that the UN often backs “The Palestinians.” I have seen debate squashed in colleges; anything balanced was cancelled by pro-palestinian American youth. Youth who do not have historical knowledge, history in the land, or history with conflict. My Christian and Messianic friends opened their pockets to this cause. My Jewish friends were suscpious. Because they are leftists. The large synagogues would hear none of it. This is so strange!

I am now seeing clips of TV news that shows aggressive pro-palestinian protests in many cities, even cities where small churches are heavily fined for opening their doors. Inarguably, Hamas is using money that the Biden administration sent to them. Something is very wrong. This one voice, that simply helps children, is surely a good place to sow into.

In early episode, Rubin shares w Great Shalom how, while going to the Dentist, he was shot, along with his 2 years old, but a Palestinian sniper. He survived and dedicated himself to helping child victims of trauma.

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