Practical Tips for Preventing Infection from the Corona Virus

These are not clinically proven treatments for covid-19. They are however, reasonably well proven for health in ways that might be good. You know I am no doctor. I claim to be a mother and a grandmother.
I listen to this guy. I do not agree with his brand of spirituality. I do, however, think that spirituality is connected with health. I do not go in for the bold and expensive self-experimenting that he does. I do, however, appreciate that he shares it with us.
I posted my practical tips last week: this week’s episode a week early. So this week, I am going to share Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof tips with you.

Coronavirus Bonus: How to Hack Your Inflammation Storm

Use what you find helpful.
Please note that under the GSB4Gran page, I have links to Life Extension’s protocol against flu and viruses. I do use those and have found it works well. It is based on garlic.
I have also mentioned that some are using a variety of essential oils. Investigate that. At least, these are things that can not hurt you and won’t make matters worse — things that allopathic medicine can virtually never claim.
Further, they are not expensive.
Be wise. Have faith. Amen.