Partnering with God

We’ve begun a series on How to Obtain the Promiese of God going through the Letter to the Philippians. Of course you know that the Philippians were Paul’s point of gratitude and happiness because they not only recieved the Word but also repeatedly supported his travels to share the great good news.

So right away, we get into this “your fellowship in the gospel” that is now mentioned in context of partnering with ministries. How does that work? How can you have Bro. SoandSo’s miracle anointing by sending in $30.00? Good question.

I went through the Greek on this carefully myself, and consulted an apparently contrasting Scripture. It is all clear to me now. I am very pleased with the broadcasts. I think I can make all that clear to you, dear listener too.

I really do want to partner with you in terms of walking toward and grasping and manifesting your child’s healing and success. That is what The Great Shalom is all about. And this ministry really is bigger than I can, with all my prodigious might and ability to sacrifice can pull off by myself. So really and truly you can partner with me.

At base and root though, we are partnering with God. God told me to go on the radio to share this. And it is abundantly clear that God wants children to be well, learning, happy, and successful. God wants total well-being for all children!

Check out the broadcasts. See if you don’t agree. Then partner with The Word.

Thanks a bunch.

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