New Books for Children With Character Development

New discovery for me and for many people I hear from: a set of better books, all with themes that develop character for children: Carl Sommer at Advance Publishing.

Not long ago, in a group of women one said, “I have been looking everywhere.. and I just can’t find good books for my grandchildren.” Everyone nodded. Yes, I knew that for 40 years stories with morals were not welcomed in the publishing industry. Then I received, as a gift for joining the Christian Educators Association International, a book entitled Character Under Attack.It was Carl Sommer’s book, telling how he had faced this and overcome it by starting his own publishing house.

I went to see him. He gave me an interview. I bought books! They are high quality, well bound — and on discount. Listen to the interview! IN it he offers our listeners a 25% discount for typing in the promo code “great.” Only through September 2017. You may also find some library bound books still on close-out. This would be a great find for preschools! Hurry; those may be gone already. And you will find that if you buy over $50.00, you get free shipping.

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