Miracles from Innovated Education – at Home!

Continuing to celebrate our 10th anniversary, I am posting the second part of the story of the healing of my grandsons. On some platforms only current episodes are posted, so many people may not have heard this part of the story. It is an important part. Faith without works is dead. All too often, no matter what the problem is, people give up too quickly. A miracle or a rescue is only the first step at lot of time. Keeping taking good steps! I am sure this is a story of hope to those whose children have problems, to those who have problems, and to those who see problems in the world. It is my prayer that my story helps someone else!

Next we are going to run a little series on the problems of youth, as we so often do in the summertime. I have an interview with someone who overcame an addiction to gaming. This screen addiction seems ever more prevalent. Then, because the Dani Johnson interview on porn has been so popular, I am working on getting some interviews on that and similar problems. I hope we will be able to get some more ideas for you about fun things to do with your children.

Then in late summer or in the fall, I hope to do a series on health, covering some new research. Much of this will apply to not only children but also older people. I think you will be amazed.

For generations, the wife and mother of the family took the responsibility for the health and happiness of the family. What with increased economic responsibility, often this other duty is forgotten. So often I hear, “well nothing can be done” or “who knows”. Well, we do know. And something can be done. And the health, happiness and success of your family depends upon it.

I am eager to do a series on character education, too, as I have come to realize how vitally important it is. Some others are working on this, but again, the common philosophy is that nothing can be done, which is of course incorrect. It may be the most important thing to do!

Thanks for listening. Please send your questions.

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