Don’t you want to join? Be a lioness with us! You may join at the Lioness Tribe or Pride level. Join with us to get the maximum value for you and your children. It is important that you participate. I realize it is investing your time, money and energy. When you join, you receive more than if you merely listen. Be one of the tribe! Help children! Study. Get the insider info. Buy product. Ask questions. Share with others. Commit more and get back more. It just works that way.

One important way to be join this effort is to tell other people, face2face and any other way you communicate. Do be very careful to NOT to give personally identifying info on social media platforms. Keep you comments pleasant and sensible there. Please like, share, participate here. Pray, write reviews and tell others. Be part of this tribe, who are all about children and their total well-being, particularly success in learning. We pray manifold return on all your sowing into God’s work.

Especially if you have graduated from the stage of life where you are a struggling young parent, it would be meritorious to join in order give to help other children. We help mothers, educators, and support truly worthy, truly poverty-stricken ministries in low income countries. Please join with us. Please register on the FORM on the front page if you want to be on my announcement list. I do not have a prospecting newsletter at this time and promise never to explode your inbox. Please note, currently we are NO LONGER a 501(c)3. Therefore, what you give counts in Heaven (God says he keeps a record) and it counts for your child(ren)’s well-being here, but not for the government taxes. Thank you very much.

You likely donated to get to this page, but maybe you are just checking out the benefits of giving or joining. There are 3 Paypal buttons on our front page. The top one is for the general fund and variable. The lower one is for the mothers’ Lioness Tribe, a commitment of $17.17 a month. With Proverbs 17:17 being our Scripture. Paypal is a reputable vendor, and supports a variety of credit cards, and now, I think also Venmo. I got Zelle working. (Use on Zelle.) If you want CashApp, let me know. If you want to keep your financial transactions offline, I surely understand. You may use land mail :
Sister Sharon Sarles
P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630.

LIONESS TRIBE LEVEL $17.17 monthly

At the tribe level, I will stand in faith with you for your, your child, and your family.Our prayers are stronger when we agree. They are stronger to move greater structures when we are a covenanted House of Prayer.
At the tribe level, you receive monthly an encouraging word via email and a coupon code for GSB/OLP products.

Thanks so much for joining our tribe.

I have long offered partnership by heart alone, but I am finding that people need to invest in order to reap full benefits. Further, as I learn more about prayer, I find that a sacrifice was always offered as a part of a covenant. Being in covenant is part of being a strong “House of Prayer.” Thirdly, in these perilous times, it will likely be helpful to have a more definite group.


$54.13 monthly forthcoming

At the pride level you receive everything from the Tribe level, and in addition:
monthly a product, that after 2 years includes an entire protocol to help your child/ren who have learning problems. I interviewed an outfit that does wonderful work, but charges $64,000! If you don’t have it, they are fine with your child growing up with deficits. I am not. Here is an alternative: direct instructions. It can not be geared for each individual child, but you can get enough ideas to do wonders with children — at the super mom level. It will help you sort out what is wrong and what needs to be done. It will help you interface with professionals. It will give you great health, education, and well-being ideas. You choose.


As I was praying the Psalm 22 blessing over you all for Mothers’ Day, I just felt to offer a $112 level. This is for “grandmothers in Israel” — women who are blessed and want to support this ministry and the younger moms grandchildren it helps. I am believing that some other grandmothers will stand with me. Particularly in this dangerous times, we need to pray against Satan’s onslaught against our children, our families, our cultures.We know we have more power when we stand together. When two or three. Let’s make a House of Prayer, be covenanted together through our intention, with this seed as witness (just as Abraham made a covenant with God but sacrificed a bullock to seal it). Let’s pray together. If I get something like 12 of you all, saying, “Yes, I want to be one of those Grandmothers in Israel” I will make an online prayer time. Maybe private. Let’s stand between the enemy and our world’s children. Let’s be like Aaron with the censer in Numbers 16. Anyone with me? Let me know :… and I will make the button and the prayer times. Love you all alot. Thanks!

You may cancel at any time. You may sign-up again, too, at any time.


1) There is a very special track for Lionesses, called Word Acceleration. It is a revelation, based on the clear text of the Bible, that will rocket you into greater faith for healing. It is a method for reading the Bible and praying it. It should have come to you thru PayPal. THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU JUST FOR LIONESS folks. If you have any difficulties, feel free to email me at, but please be patient. I do not have a staff. I am not a techie. Just trying to help. Trying really really hard to help lots of people.

2) Here is something I think you will enjoy:
Want to go to a healing service? Want to see real people really get healed? Want to hear a mention of healing of brains?

This is Radiant Church in Waco Texas with Robert Henderson as overseer and Mark Henderson, on pastoral staff, preaching.


Here is another vid of a child being healed.


Here is another dear servant of God, who has seen many healings in her endeavors. When I saw her in person in Austin, Texas, she brought children from Mozambique and they prayed for people who got healed. Here she tells her perspective on how to pray for healing.


The first person I ever heard pray for children’s learning disabilities, besides myself, was Priscilla Moore, in a regular service where her husband pastors. Look, you may or may not like any of these people. You may or may not agree with every point of their doctrine. They do all believe the Bible, in being born again, and in receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And they all see healing. Let’s learn from them on this point, yes?


We have given to many parents, teachers, and schools for the good of the children for many years at great cost. We want to encourage, equip, an inspire them, according to the mandate of God who wants total well-being for all children. I will speak by invitation. For engagement dates, please both email me at info@greatshalom. I still do teacher training and consulting for families, Christian schools, or licensed childcare centers. For this, see I would like to serve more private and church – related schools. Of course, I speak in churches and will run healing meetings there when requested and approved by the Lord.

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