I just received an email supposedly from me, trying to sell me prescription drugs!

Here is the heading of the email:
From: “info@greatshalom.org” … [Add to Address Book]
To: info@greatshalom.org
Subject: Re:V|agra,C|alis,Lev|tra
Date: Apr 9, 2017 2:42 PM

Notice that the sending email is NOT really info@greatshalom.org. I can not change the email on all my audio, but you can notice this discrepancy and DO NOT BUY STUFF FROM THESE GUYS. This is just silly hacking. Surely if they have any brains at all they will stop if no one is fooled and no one buys anything from this sort of solicitation.

I DO NOT SELL PHARMACEUTICALS. I think all my listeners know that. Apologies and thanks.

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