Importance of Sleep

We are jumping ahead in our series on “How to Be a Good Mother” today to a practical topic: the importance of sleep. It will amaze you how foundational it is –and how often today’s mothers overlook teaching good sleep habits. Whether you are a young mother, a mother of a teen, a student who wants to do well, or a grandparent who wants to preserve cognitive ability, you need this episode.

If you want the full series on “how to Be a Good Mother” please email me so I can notify you when it is available all together. As I often do, I am going to break up the series with other topics, so that we don’t bore any part of the audience staying too long on one topic that might not be applicable to them.

Next week we have a special treat: Dr. Lendell Braud is going to share with us her amazing and scientifically supported method for helping children who have been traumatized. You will want to hear it and be sure all your friends and neighbors do too!

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