Homeschool: You Can Do It

We expect a large uptick in homeschooling this school year because of the experience of the lockdown. Many parents found out how few on task hours their children had of education. Others discovered what their children were not learning. A few may have even taken stock of the pervasive leftist viewpoint expressed in increased violence in the country. But many parents wonder if they can really homeschool. They are not professional educators. They may not have a large base of friends who have homeschooled successfully. If that is you, here is some encouragement.

Many people have done it. On average the academic result has been outstanding. The social result has been overwhelmingly outstanding. Like anything, schools or any other phenomenon, there is variation. However, the average outcome of homeschool has been shown for decades to be superior to public schools.

It does, however, help to have encouragement and some pointers. Here they are.

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