Holiday Tip: be Careful With Your Candles

There are few things more wonderful than candles at Christmas — or Hanukah. Here are a few health and safety tips.

Of course you know to watch out for fire hazards. Double-check that nothing is hanging close to the flames — such as curtains, dry fir needles, or…. a wig! One Christmas party was made very memorable for many professional people when a voluable, outgoing woman found her wig on fire.

Further, be sure that you have adequate ventilation. Paraffin smoke is a toxin. Adults might not notice the effect if there is good ventilation. However, someone with allergies or having a great long talk over several candles, might actually get ill. Be sure you have ventilation. Further, never attempt to cover up a bad smell with a good smell, especially one that is synthetic. What you get is just denser bad smell — and potentially a lot of toxins. Instead, ventilate!

A better alternative to the cheap paraffin candles would be beeswax or some other substance. Check in your whole food stores for candles that are low in toxins.

Have a safe and health and joyous Christmas.

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