God Wants the Best for You and for Your Children

God wants you healed. Hear how.
So often people just make up a story about God’s capriciousness instead of inquiring about God’s will or learning how to pray. We might not have it all right, but it is comforting to hear the Bible truth: God wants the best for you. That starts with Bible verses about healing.
So let’s start with that.

Of course the promises about being healed by the stripes that Jesus bore before his crucifixion apply to your children too! God did NOT plan for any defect or deficiency. Those came in the fall. Jesus came to redeem us from the fall. All those enemies are not conquered yet. That won’t happen until the last when we are all glorified, but we are working that out now. The enemies are being put under the feet. Let’s just start with a clear understanding about the promises having to do with healing.

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Love and blessings, Sharon

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