Federal Government Bans Lunches from Home!?!?

Brown Bag Ban: Fed Gov Tells Preschool Parents No Lunch From Home Without a Doctor’s Note |

This is very much worth a re-blog. Sounds like the government is effectively banning better health choices by requiring any parents who wish to send bag lunches with their children’s preschool to get permission via a doctor’s note.

It is already pressuring preschools in many ways, including making it necessary to bundle to get milk subsidies. Then they put pressure on poorer families to eat the argicultural overages, grown the most cheaply. They push milk that so many of our children are having problems with. They refuse to look at better methods of agriculture. From other quarters, medical students are filled with a great deal of misinformation and do not have time for nutrition courses. Nutrition faculties themselves depend on agribusiness grants. Educated parents are being pressured with downsized paychecks, upsized health insurance, fewer choices, rumors of out right intentional posioning, and now this. When will rigtheous leadership arise?

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