Easter Post in Time of Terror

This is Holy Week; Sunday is Easter. Our topic this week is “It is finished.” These are the words of Christ as he die. So what is finished? Our work of redemption. And our healing. Please listen.

GSB It is Finished

Then, please remember this great doctrine as you pray. As you pray for your children, for healing, and/or for the healing so necessary in the world today, remember that Jesus paid for it all. It is promised to us. We need to pray in faith for its manifestation.

One day all wrongs will be righted. One day all tears will be wiped away. One day we will see God’s glory — which is to heal all those who want it. However, it is already decided. His decisions are made. Let us make ours to agree with him.

What a great mystery of faith and love! How could we chose another path?

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