Dr Andy Wakefield: Rebroadcast of one of our most important moments

We are working hard for you. This is a rerun. It is one of our proudest moments, that in January 2009, we had world-renowned Dr. Wakefield on our broadcast. It is important background information.
BTW, Dr. Wakefield was a world class, internationally known gastroenterology before his work having to do with vaccines. He was persecuted strongly. He was also vindicated entirely.

Added Note 1/7/2021
Oh! I was certain I found this old broadcast, connected it to the website, and tested it — last week. Now it is not here? In today’s environment, one begins to doubt that was MY *mistake.* Oh dear! Well, I will allocated this month’s allotment — because it is SO important for you. And there might be something else going on in low ratings. So, please take a little extra effort to share? Thanks.

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