Child Having Trouble Reading? Test this First!

Dr. Carol Zuccone, the Irlen representative explains this fairly common light sensitivity. Often there is a fairly easy remedy too. She tells us what mothers and teachers might look for. She says that it is educators that test for this, and so it gets overlooked by other professionals, but if this light sensitivity is not ruled out, then other tests are skewed.

Next week we will wrap up our series on what to do when the road to reading becomes rocky with an interview from Jennifer Sangave of Lindamood-Bell. It is absolutely amazing what they do. They help so many children who know one else could help.

After that I plan to post again the Dani Johnson episode on protecting our children from porn, since it was so enormously popular. Please plan to share your ideas, since social media protection has become so much more needed now than when she spoke with us.

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