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7 Practical Mom-Level Health Measures for 2022

I offer 7 practical mom-level health measures for 2022. These are what my most knowledgeable friends are interested in. All checked out and reference from credentialed sources OR trusted sources who found from credentialed sources. (Although we have recently seen how credential can be corrupt or even…)  Just saying, I’ve done my best to pas along good info. You check for yourself.

Regular disclaimer : I am not a physician. This is not meant to cure or treat any disease. Because we know that only the AMA has the authority over that.

But mothers are interested in prevention  and home remedies and that is more along the lines of what we have. Hope you find it helpful. Please share what works for you and your family?

Here are the promised links.

1. Ideas for sore throat, sinuses : spray, wash or infuse with hydrogen peroxide.


3. Surely, you have already heard that the substance early on recognized as a therapeutic but banned for that scary infection.  Quinine, on which this medicine and others like it are based, has been used for centuries. It comes comes from a chichona tree. For the DIY, here is an article on making your own.

There are other articles. Notice, you will have to purchase chichona bark. This was possible a few months ago – but, today, you never know.

4. Then, there is the cheapest yet: sunshine. Sunshine carries vitamin D. Check out this article:

5. Of course, we are not permitted to discuss a word starting with I that has been used safely for decades for humans for rheumatoid arthritis & lupus —  and also as horse de-wormer. People have been using it as a treatment for the scam–demic we are also not supposed mention unless we do fear porn.  Maybe I can pass along the info that wormwood is another anti-helminth, or in other words, another anti-parasite treatment. Wormwood is available in tincture form at most health food stores. No known study about effectiveness.

6. Nattokinease and N –acteyl- L -carnitine for heart inflammation. Natto is a fermented Japanese product. N-acetyl-L-carnitine is readily available at health food stores. It is good for youth cellular metabolism, heart, and brain. There are scientific studies on this. Try

7. Finally, it is going around the internet that certain pine needles are a treatment for … those spi…. pointy …… proteins… which is that same thing, really, that we are not supposed to speak about. My research indicates that various pines have been used for similar applications. Apparently, Eastern White Pine has long been used for tea because it has vitamin A, C (rather a lot), and has some restorative properties (meaning it helps against feeling tired.) (NOT at all like  pine trees in Texas which would give a turpentine like taste!)  I found some, well identified, tried it out, and found as a tea, it seems to work well. Tastes like mild lemon/lime. DO NOT BOIL. Do not expect it to look much different than water. Use like tea. Put other things in it like lemon or mint, if desired.

(Btw, I see unidentified pine needles for sale – which I would not recommend. Also, I saw a Y….T…. video posted with wrong directions, deceptive video, by …. some one… who might be identified as a bad actor. Beware.)

Found recently :

I notice this last are not identified, nor can you tell which kind based on the picture. And pricey!

BETTER:  Eastern White Pine is probably Pinus Strobus:

Editor :

BTW, yes, I know normal practice is to not show all the link, but just a clickable word. However, in today’s environment, when there are so many attacks on good info, I wanted to make as sure as possible that the link could be found now and in the future. Thanks for understanding.

Joy to the World – 7 Gifts God Gave us in 2021

For our last broadcast of 2021, we discuss the 7 gifts that God gave us during 2021. It was a surprising year; a rough year; but in the end, God saved us from things we didn’t even know we needed saving from. Time to rise up, open the gifts and apply them. It is all about the children.

Exposed, reduced, prosecuted child sex trafficking

Hannity Reports G Maxwell Conviction

Turley Alerts us to Panic among the Elite Class over the Conviction.

Exposed corruption and reduced media collusion

Dr. Doug Frank Continues to Report on Voter Fraud Facts

Dr. Turley Opines this is End of Dem Party

Durham must be about to investigate the H. Clinton campaign

DeSantis Announces Election Police

Suggestions on  How to Hold Mainstream Media and Government Accountable

CNN in Death Throes

Exposed acute and long term medical industry oppression

Dr. Malone, Inventor of mRNA Invieghs against Big Tech Censoring (and inappropriate use of nMNRA)

Dr. Veronika Cries Against Government Stopping Good Doctoring

Fifth Circuit Court Rules Against Biden’s Vax Mandates

 NY Governor Twists Christianity to Push Vax and is called “unhinged” 

Any internet search will discover numerous doctors and wellness professionals pointing out simple, natural, inexpensive treatments in place of expensive, ineffective treatments such as chemotherapy.  The Epoch Times hosts J. Mercola. Rumble has a Channel “The Cure of Cancer.” The Lost Ways direct markets. The examples are too numerous to consider.

Exposed intended, unnecessary fomenting of society conflict

Black father, daughter decry CRT

Bill Maher Shuts Down CRT Debate

Turley reads Waukesha as the end of BLM

Scholars Say in Public that Elitism is Worse than Racism

Exposed the lie about the church being the fundamental problem, and the start of a great revival

Churchgoers Fined for Singing

Emboldened to say that discrimination against churches not okay.

Revival meetings, even in non religious areas, and areas under lockdowns, grow faster than ever expected. Example: Murillo in Modesto, Batavia, and soon San Francisco.

“The earth helped the woman” – meaning natural causes put an end to the plague

While news sources have indicated that Israel is 80% or more vaxxed, an Israeli on Frank News asserted that fully 30 % of Israelis have taken no vax and with every booster, the number is less. Now 55% of Israelis are not “fully vaxxed.”

We faced fear and were made stronger

When I am Afraid…Hope in the Face of Fear

Mike Lindell is wsell known for saying “Clean up 2020 now, or it is all over.”

Mario Murillo says “God is giving you permission to save America.”

Robby Dawkins agrees that is time to stand up, speak up, lead the conversation, expose darkness and deception wherever it is found

Credit to Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow on Elijah Streams for the inspiration of this episode. 

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN:  Texas wins in Supreme Court Against Head Start Vax Requirements



Secrets to Overcoming Current Problems in Education

Secrets to overcoming current problems — that we are not permitted to talk about!! But, so far, we can still tell Bible stories. Today, we start a 3 part series on the story about Rabshakeh the liar. He was sent to discourage and entrap the kingdom of Judah. Hezekiah was the King and Isaiah the prophet was alive. From II Chronicles  32, Isaiah 37  & ( 2Kg19).

First we will get 3 major secrets. That’s today. Next, we will see the pattern of lying that Rabshakeh used. Very instructive and pertinent.


So very much has changed since I started this series 3 weeks ago! Then, the major news item was that the US federal government had officially directed the FBI to consider parents who complained at school board meetings about inappropriate curricula as…. domestic terrorists.

How many things wrong are there with this picture? First, the parents, the citizens are who the board is supposed to be working for. That is USA philosophy, democratic philosophy, and is true … unless somehow we switched to tyranny. Second, The federal government is not supposed to be charge of education in this country. That is supposed to be conducted locally or by the state. Thirdly, this same federal administration is no longer considering foreign terrorists as enemies and has welcomed many of them to our soil, even tho those groups have not dropped their plans to overtake our government, our culture, our religion — and is right now killing Americans and Christians vigorously in their land and also attacking militarily our allies. It makes no sense, unless…. Well, do you think mama bears are going to be okay with intimidation? tyranny? grooming their children for sexual depredation?


Really, this is the current problem in education?!?! Pornographic curricula? Hate and division inspired social studies? Grooming children for depredation? Even cover-up rape, at situation set up by the far left agenda? What?

And the usual method of fixing… parents’ (taxpayers) democratically making their wishing known itself is now seen as a problem?

Someone may object that in a few small instances there were parents who were somewhat unruly. Would that in itself be an argument? Get a few unruly and for that reason disallow democracy? Force everyone to be a criminal, even with no violations? What? A great retort to this objection is to ask who was the instigator? Weren’t the officials themselves the one who incited unruliness? Standard procedure obstructs and limits citizen input. Indeed, weren’t the the officials the ones who started the violence?


We are tired of lies. All, but the most gullible huddled around the liars, knew there was not one shred of evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. We all knew that the opposite candidate grossly violated the law with her email/server. Not a few sort of had an inkling that it was she who was colluding with foreign enemies. How could people not have knows about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was not merely a sex scandal, but showed that the Biden family was paid millions, ongoingly, by the CCP. Democrat friends tell me that such knowledge would have changed their vote. How could they not have known???? Is there really that much narrow banding? I knew. I thought everyone knew. EEK! Could people really not see that the corporate media was fear mongering the covid-19? Are people really that innumerate? How is it that people can straight faced say that the mnRNA injection is safe?

Really? My gosh! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

You will want to hear something about the secrets. First, you have to understand what is up.


Moms for Liberty July 25 Inappropriate Curricula
Let’s Roll American Suicide: Why is this idea in a First Grade Book? Sept 25
Educate for Life Too Much Too Soon Feb 19, 2021

Steve Turley FBI Calls Parents Protesting at School Board meetings Domestic Terrorists
Steve Turley: How Patriots Are Taking Over Education

Brave School Teachers Says Enough is Enough
Parent Unleashes Fury on Woke School Board Aug 13
Parents Fed up with CRT are Winning Oct 7


Gen Dr. Steve Pieczenik  The Authoritarian Personality and the Escape From Freedom (or the ability to disagree)  Mentions CRT in schools  This is learned, high quality. Says we can not afford these absurdities.


In response to being intimidated by feds, parents in Clark Co Nevada fight back. At a school board meeting, one asks security to hand paperwork to a school board member, officially serfing them with a large lawsuit.  Dan Bongino reports 10-14 minute 52, crediting “BeingRealMac” twitter feed.