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Bible on Healing: Jesus Interprets Isaiah 53

Second in our little teaching on healing. We went thru the meaning of the Hebrew in Isaiah 53: “He took away our griefs” meaning he carried away our sickness. Now, we can hear what Matthew records as Jesus’ teaching on the subject. You will see that Jesus, too, thought that you are already healed by the Messiah’s work on the cross. Because Matthew wrote it down, you can also tell that this is what the first church understood to be Jesus’ teaching and work.

This is not just a history lesson or just an exercise in Bible exegesis. This is the basic reality of what Jesus came to do as Christ/Messiah. Healing is provided, just like forgiveness of sins. It is part of salvation. But just like we had to learn to believe and receive justification/salvation, so we have to learn to believe and receive sozo/healing . Did you know that even 150 years ago, people were not sure that God would forgive their sins? There was a “mourners’ bench” in services where people who were anxious about their salvation would sit and cry. There was great rejoicing when one finally felt the witness in his or her spirit that they were saved. John Wesley himself went through years of not knowing — which we know because he kept a journal. Then one night, when someone was reading an explanation of Romans, he felt a strange warming of the heart.” This meant that finally, what he knew was good theology he then knew and felt applied to him. He was learning about what we call salvation, but which is just that first step of salvation, knowing you are forgiven of your sins.

It has been maybe as long as 100 years or maybe not even that long that we have known that healing is in the atonement. But we individually have to come to know that it is applied to us. That is what this teaching aims at.

Of course, any parent can believe for their child. And should! It’s is not just that God wants to heal you child, but that Jesus has already done the work. What we need to do is to receive it. It is like the download is waiting. That is good news! Healing is waiting for you and your child. Understanding the Bible is part of the path toward downloading it.

What we Are Up To — The Mission of this Ministry

We hope to offer hope and faith to mothers (and fathers and teachers and caregivers) of children who have learning problems. We preach faith. (Never give up. Reach until you have a testimony!)
We believe in healing and we will take it any way it comes. Miraculous. Healings. Innovative educational techniques. Better health. Because all truth is God’s.
The percentage of children who have some sort of learning problem is enormous. But each parent feels alone.
There ARE answers. Some of those answers are natural and pedestrian. It is important to know those. So we don’t perish. We need to know how to cook, how to teach, how to learn.
It is also important that we share factual, scientific information so we can prevent these problems in the future. God did not make this earth in this broken manner. It is not somehow holy to just submit to the brokennes.
Nor is it somehow more holy to ignore practical things that could and should be done. As long as we have bodies, we will have to do normal things. Let’s do them appropriately.
For some, it is a calling to work in occupations of wellness toward healings or politics for prevention.
Still, the miraculous power exists. A power of Resurrection. The same power that created all that is.

No one else has ever had a ministry of healing for children. For reasonable reasons. We are that. But we are a teaching ministry. Every parent must learn to pray and must learn to provide a healthful lifestyle and must choose any other help that might be needed. We will help in that first step: hope and faith.

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Autism Overcome!

This has been burning on my heart since I started this broadcast 12 years ago! Someone recently claimed victories in autism through deliverance ministry. I don’t doubt that. I also know of scientific studies showing victories through chelation therapy. Looks like toxicity is at least the most often culprit. Yet, even still, people who know better will claim that we know nothing and nothing can be done. Banish that idea! Perish the thought!

In 10 points I give you a very quick overview of what we know about autism and then a mom-level protocol for what to do. This is a problem that is causing great torment for some children, great grief for some parents, and real challenges for society. We do have some solid help.

10 things to know about Autism

As simple as I have made it, if you know this, you will know more than most.

1. EARLY STUDY – those who don’t speak have a hard time learning to read
2. Early successes – chelation therapy and methionine re-uptake, and thus gluten and casein free diet helps
3. Same time AMA says “we know nothing”
4. History (2 or 3 in 10,000 had an autism that was more like a mental illness, but still centered on lack of attachment & now we have 1 in 54 and have lumped development delays, attachment disorders, physiological problems, Aspergers
5. Shamanism, equine and canine therapies
6. Deliverance ministry
7. Better get right treatment for right ailment
8. While not discussed as much, the CDC says we now have 1:54 – as high as ever
9. Beware false support!
10. Protocol – take away what hurts
Take away what is hurting, any toxins
Basic nutrition
Nutrition to a higher level, Feingold and Nutritionist
Evaluate and treat
Innovative measures at home and school that extend
False groups with synthetic help
Chelation therapy – is blood purify
Deliverance ministry