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History and Questions on the Vxx

I am still hearing that there are questions about the injections. This is such an important decision, and I am so surprised that still, at this late date there is confusion. the health of your child is so very important, is it not? You wouldn’t sacrifice the long-term well being of your child to be in the right “in-ground” — would you? to prove a point? To save yourself time? Or a little cognitive dissonance — meaning that uncomfortable feeling knowing that you might have been wrong.

Check out the history of the small pox vaccine usage against the poor. Check out what was said early on. Check out the flu shot. Check out the whole mask thing.  Check the archive of what happened with covid e.g.g Check the News on  .  Check out what teh WHO and the CDC say. Check out what virologists/doctors/scientists who don’t have a conflict of interest say?  Finally, to put this into a big picture, check out what Jesus had to say.

The statistics n covid were actually available from conventional sources fairly early on. There was a pretty good study just in the Diamond Princess. But to figure out what those numbers meant, you had to actually look at the numbers, use critical reasoning, and ignore the voices of the mainstream media the “the authorities.”  but it wasn’t very long before people who were very skilled in the issue risked their lives and livelihoods to tall you that there was a huge huge risk in going along with the narrative. Their voices were suppressed, which in itself was a red flag.

Please hear the evidence. I lay it out for a normal person on the episode. Thinking won’t hurt you. it could save your life, your child’s life, and maybe even a life of disability. Please!

Logic, history, science, Bible — please consider, won’t you? Your child’s life and health is on the line.

Here are some more resources:  6 year old disabled by vax because doctors pressured mother


Australian Nurses Spill The Beans On Vaccine Injuries And Deaths—Does Anyone Think This Is All Lies , All Made Up?

Australian Nurses Spill The Beans On Vaccine Injuries And Deaths—Does Anyone Think This Is All Lies , All Made Up?

Simply do a search on or or any other platform that is not censored, use your own judgement to filter out nonsense, find real experts who are risk themselves to help you and then listen. It will be eye-opening. And good news: there is good news. Just imagine  — it could have been that we would not have known. That is why there has been irrational hate stirred up against … those who came out well-meaning and helpful. That is why.

If you want more:

In most states the legislature is hearing now from constituents who have had children and elders killed from these psuedo-immunizations. Doctors are testifying — when permitted. See if your state has a livestream or an archive. Look for the House committee on health. Realize that at least some of the members of those committees get their campaign money from Big Pharma and Big Hospitals, that are right now desparate for money.  Yes, right now desparate for money. Pharma companies valuations just went down because proof of fraud will negate the immunity from liability that they enjoyed. Hospitals were having financial difficulty before the pandemic — perhaps because a larger percentage of the population were using alternative treatments, rather than using patented and violent methods to die and transfer their estates. Further, the wild inflation in the field of medical industry over the past decades meant that a large part of the population simply couldn’t afford the treatments. Every potential solution had to include oversight and restraint. So, yes, thousands of dollars was attractive, even if it meant killing patients outright. But that is another episode — the violation of law and norms to snatch otherwise reasonably healthy elders, isolate them, put them on ventilators that are completely without merit and always dangerous, and then finally starve and neglect patients — who predictably diy. But hospitals get a financial reward for anyone who dies and is labeled “covid.” We do need to talk about advocacy in the hospital and in the legislatures, but for now — we are very much upstream from that: education for the moms.


Covid is over – or should be

Did you question my assertion that God gave us some great Christmas gifts? Well, lets hear some scientists and doctors. Politicians may already be changing their mandates –maybe.


Dr. McCullough and Dr. Jackson discuss the science or whether the covid crisis is over. What is the logic of vaccines? Where are we now? en days  or 2 weeks and we will know if Omicron is the last variant.

Are masks useful? No, not useful, neither cloth nor paper masks protect at all from virus. However, there is evidence that they cause headaches, attention problems, and other problems for children because of increased CO2.

The way we do science is to question science! -Lance Wallnau

Gives common measure to be safe: nasal washes with iodine or hydrogen peroxide!

Omicron is very mild.     Flashpoint 1/20/22

Authorities say V@x Not useful

Apparently, the world authorities think that the covid crisis is over.

UN says children should not be v@xxed.

CDC says that natural immunity better than the jab.

Politicians drop mandates – Why?

It looks like the political authorities  make it look like they think covid s over. Can we trust this?

UK says no more restrictions

Here is a video that seems to be indication of the International Criminal Court investigating the scam=demic as criminal behavior.

Canadian truckers warn that the shelves will be bare, since many are resigning over the vax mandate. One claims Trudeau’s aim is starvation  of 38 million.

Really? Can We Trust This?

Cov!d was never isolated in a lab… so does it exist, really?

Flashpoint,after interviewing the doctors, turned to interview a prophet, who quoted a passage from the Revelation of Jesus Christ according to John. He urged  building up Truth of God in your heart by reading the Bible so you are immune to the Big Lie. He answers the suggestion about the idea that the “overness” is also a trick. Given what others say, from published documents of the “big guy” maybe he is right – just wait for another onslaught  Finally, however, since we hae read the end of the story we know that Rabsheka lose,  God wins. The God who is Love and is Truth. Endeavor to be on that side.


Should Children Get the Jab?

Here is what the world’s expert on the jab says: THINK TWICE.   Dr. Malone is the one who invented the mRNA vax.

“He pointed to information compiled on his website, which includes a list of peer-reviewed studies related to COVID-19 vaccine adverse events in children, the main one being myocarditis. The website also includes a collection of adverse events reports as well as death reports in the pediatric community, submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).” Epoch Times ibid.

Here is what Dr. Mercola has to say on the matter: NO! More likely to face long-term health risks from the jab than from the disease it purports to address. Mercola says jab bad for children.

Mercola is a well known wellness expert of long standing — rather than a conventional doctor on big pharma or government payroll.

Notice, it is based on the VAERS the official list of adverse affects. I have heard it reported that the VAERS are low; that nurses have been told not to report. I heard Dr. Wakefield says that the adverse affects of this jab are higher than all the adverse affects of all immunizations heretofore recorded.

Notice that there is an typographical error in the Epoch Times article. It says “no previous ideology”, when it means “no previous etiology”. Pretty hilarious under the circumstances.


The CDC says otherwise. But comb thru the article. Do they have evidence? Is Covid-19 dangerous for children? If death rate is less than .001 for adults? With over reporting?  If nearly everyone one who dies has a co-morbidity factor? If proper treatment was denied? Is there any evidence at all about children? Certainly there are no safety trials for kids if not for the vax for adults! Learn to figure out which claims are true.

The only hope to ending the pandemic? Who would be so irresponsible to say such a thing? Someone on a payroll, who didn’t have any knowledge of viruses, who didn’t care who they killed. Notice dates too. After Omicron, does a dangerous vax for the original virus make sense? (And you do know about Farr’s Law.  you do know how effective the flu vax is. You do know how safe other vaxxes have been — and they did have at least some safety testing.) THINK!

Any addressing of the hug spike in menses dis-regulation?

Look for scientific data, not mere comforting assertions! Be worried when you find deception. No-do-overs.


1/20/22 Here is what the chief scientist for the UN says: