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What ARE “Learning Disabilities” Anyway?

What are “learning disabilities”? In practical life? In the Law? In Public School?

What does it mean for a student to find that she or he has a “learning disability”?  Are these true disabilities? Is this labeling? Is labeling necessary? Are there any such thing at all?

So, a child has problems in school. What kind of problems fit in this category? What can be done?

We will answer those questions today, and more like them next time what happens in private schools, in homeschooling, and what are the most important tips on  how to proceed so that your child can experience a successful life.

Here are the links I promised:

  1. IDEA Act  Government promulgated fact sheet website  LDs are not mental retardation, now Down’s Syndrome, and not remediated by SEL Social and Emotional Learning. These are entirely separate discussions, but you might be misled by a single glance at this website!

Statute and Regulations

  1. Statute language as far as I can tell  This is USC Chap 33.I remember IDEA being PS 92-142.
  2. Section 504
  3. Wright’s Law website, explanation of the law
  4.  Home School Legal Defense Fund
  5. How Difficult Can it Be?  F>A>T> City   Recommended video  Available on Vimeo and for sale many places

How Hard Can This Be? By Richard Lavoie. In the author’s workshops, participants wind up frustrated, angry, and in tears — and finally understand …

This unique program lets viewers experience the frustration, anxiety, and tension faced by children with learning disabilities. Workshop facilitator Richard …

This unique program lets viewers experience the frustration, anxiety, and tension faced by children with learning disabilities. Workshop facilitator Richard …

This is “How Difficult Can This be? The F.A.T. City Workshop” by Reading Partners on Vimeo,and is for sale many places.

Learning Disabilities Association of Texas  Notice, the most important thing they think you need to know is that you may at any time, by law, request an evaluation for your student. Check out what they say. Remember, I said, to do it in writing, certified/return receipt requested. Then, you will get a response.


Write a Book or Start a Company over the Summer

Today, we bring you some summer business projects for students, especially those with “learning disabilities.”

More ideas for the summer. Inspired by Richard Eberiga, we consider the idea of writing a book or starting a company over the summer. Yes! it can be done. Check out the idea. I think the greatest hurdle is the negative belief hurdle. Get over that, and show the student a few skills and great achievements can happen! This is practical faith for success.

While preparing this episode for posting, we discovered that Bishop Dr. Eberiga passed last summer. He was pastor of iFreedom Church in San Antonio, prophet, speaker, trainer, author. He was an inspiration and we mourn his untimely passing.

Presumably, for this reason, is no longer available. I hope that great lives in our listeners will be a great tribute for this great man.

This idea of Teen CEo is a particularly helpful direction for “learning disabled”  student, students who are tired of school, discouraged by the repeat drilling of skills they find difficult if not impossible, and the general mis-match between them and the culture of schooling.

More summer activities

Gardening with children


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled — Blessed Passover/Resurrection Sunday

Wow, can we get a slow news day? What a turmoil! Jesus knew. Jesus told us. And His words prevail: “Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in me.”

This year the celebrations of Passover, Resurrection Sunday, and Ramadan come together. This year, so much is happening and so much is being revealed. It is hard not to be troubled. It is imperative not to be complacent. How do we go forward? According to the Word of the Lord, we net our hearts not be troubled by believing in Him, by looking to Him, by repeating his Word.

In this episode, I go thru a number of Scriptures, touch on the times, and bring it back to 4 simple things to do to keep a peaceful, victorious life. No question. It will change your life. It will enrich the life and learning capacity of your child.

Please communicate with me. We discovered a huge batch of emails went to z-space. Apologies. I do want to hear from you.