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Importance of Washing Hands and of NOT getting sticky with….

Another rerun from back in 2009 when we were on the radio. Dr. Ensign, a chiropractor, interested in health, came to share best ideas for mothers.However, he didn’t recommend using that sticky alchohol stuff. It will kill some germs, but the rest are given a nice home.

Lots of the best preschools in the land make handwashing a standard routine for their little ones. Indeed, in order to keep the handwashing going, the alphabet song is encouraged, in order time the washing. Try out such ideas to make handwashing fun and regular.

In introductory Biology in high school, we learned that germs don’t grow on clean surfaces. That is why gyms would have towels to wipe off the equipment: so germs couldn’t grow in the wet. However, now, go into any gymn, (if you can stand the soup of chemicals in the air) and check to see if the equipment is not sticky. Besides, no one is considering what chemicals they are regularly putting in their body through their skin.

Fear makes you do all sorts of silly things.  Instead, think.

Washing hands, with soap and water, prevents a lot of diseases. Studies show that children who wash their hands,and scrub their names miss less time from school, and (maybe therefore) have better grades. So much for what sociologists and epidemiologists can measure. The point is, being healthy is a good idea for being smart. And, okay fine, the argument for reverse causation could be made. Still, the point is: wash those hands.

This post seems to be timely, because Dr. Stella Immanuel has put out a new product to prepare for hemmorhagic fevers like ebola and Marburg. I saw in another social media post that someone is now claiming that ebola also came out of a lab.  Look, I do not know about that claim. What I do know is that washing hands is a good idea. So is being healthy. Further, I have found great benefit (both in terms of health and budget) in herbal preparations and vitamins. Check it out for yourself. Also, see my GSB4Grans tab, where I pass long some info from people whom I trust (Enlows) and an organization that cites peer reviewed journals (Life Extension.)


Obviously, keeping our children alive, safe, and well is of utmost importance. While this is beyond my level of ability to check out scientifically, at least in the short run, it seems believable to me. It seems to match with the facts as I know them. It is passed along by what I consider to be reputable sources. Knowing this will allow you to take precautions that themselves are not wild or unknown. Thus, it is wiser to pass it along than not.

The covid vax is reported to have a 1,000% increase in nuerological disorders, as well as a death rate that is high enough that no other vax would have been permitted to stay on the market. That, in itself, suggests that conversation about the vax is included in what this broadcast should be discussing. Intelligent and diligent mothers would be looking into this topic.

Dr. Ardis DC was interviewed by Stew Peters and it was broadcast last lnight 4/11/22 on   also posted on Bitchute,com and is being quoted widely.

Says that covid, covid vax and Remdesivir have viper venom in them. Basically, he discovered this when he was pointed to the research and found that anti-venom is polyclonal antibodies, while monoclonal antibodies work for coivd 19, was promoted by Gov. DeSantis, but subsequently forbidden by Biden.

Ardis says that KingCobra or Crate (Chinese) snake is used.

This venom paralyzes the diaphragm thru attaching to specific brain receptors. The venom was put in city water supplies.

Substances that block the receptors:

Nicotine   heavy smokers have clogged receptors,

Ivermectin       used as a horse de-womer, and also for an unrelated use in humans; some humans have been substituting other vermifuges because there seems to be a work, like animal that causes the clots, but for this purpose, blocking the receptors, a substitute would not be recommended

Zinc                 you need mor than in  over the counter cough drops

Too much is toxic

Quercetin        available in health food stores

NAC   N-acetyl-L-choline is what I see in the stores. Note, that it needs a lot of water drunk with it. Of course, drink only purified water.

Hydroxycholorquine  (HCQ is available from frontline doctors and maybe other brave doctors,  quinine is available in some tonic waters, and quinine bark is sometimes available; other malarial drugs derisved from quinine can be purchased at pharmacies for traveling)

Vitamin C


Bentonite Clay

Corticoid steroid

Budesonide  (nebulized)

Here is the link:  April 12

HERE IS ARDIS’ ANTIDOTE INFO Visit to learn how to protect you and your loved ones during this biological war. 4/12 confirmation on Stew Peters Feb 28, 22 dec 21


Notice that other eye witnesses match the facts, even when they have slightly different interpretations.  Other nurses have called Remdesivir : “run death is near.”

Also, to put someone on a ventilator, a bunch of drugs are used that paralyze the diaprham. Then they are left on the vent too long, and infection sets in. Often they are not given water or food. No surprise then, they die.

Wuhan Warning

The Wuhan virus should be taken seriously. I discuss my previous skepticism about flu/virus scares. I relay some new asbout the Wuhan coronavirus that is NOT aired in American media. I end with some suggestions about how to proceed. Not surprisingly, washing of hands is a good idea. However, I do criticize some standing things that are taken as normal.

I pass along cited reports that the virus is an accidental leak from the biological warfare lab in Wuhan. Reportedly, it was engineered to have a long latency period and be quickly mutating, so that no vaccine could be made for it. Unfortunately, the news also includes a higher death count from China that we are hearing.

Special Update: Coronavirus

(Other Christian ministries won’t cite others. Scholars do. Broadcast minister suffer the peanut gallery, especially if some other ministry is named. Look, so what if I don’t agree 100% with some other minister? As long as I think he is honest and what I am citing is important to think about any other minor disagreement is just insignificant. Grow up. )

However, the good news is that we are NOT hearing that those who contract the flu necessarily die. As is usual, those in good health stand to recover. The infirm, elderly, and very young are at most risk — normally — and it would seem, this time as well. It would be a good idea, surely, under those circumstances to take extra precaution for our children. Just sensible precaution. This may NOT include a vaccine for your little ones, but you might want to research real CDC info and discuss the idea with your trusted wellness professional. The vaccine worries that I know about apply only to very small developing brains and not to adult ones, but again, you might want to check with a trusted physician.

BTW, I found an infuriating article, posing as research, advertised on a browser : about “vaccine reluctant parents.” Of course, I can not find it, hidden along with many articles that are not so insidiously venomous, but just troubling. Anyway, this “research” supposedly wonders why parents are reluctant and ends up attacking anyone who has a moral code. There is no recognition that the leaders of the “anti-vaxxers” are world-class researchers, world class and well respected until they asked very obvious questions about safety — and then they were persecuted, lied about, vilified, and exonerated. So, duh, there are scientific questions about safety. Then there are sociological, political, and common sense questions about the authoritarian monied campaign to keep that fact from the public. Now there is question about why the attack on folks who are concerned about their children’s safety. And why, why, why, this covert (if clear) attack on people who have moral commitments. My guess is, that means Christians. Are Christians over-represented in the “anti-vaxxer” campaign? I wouldn’t have predicted that. However, Christians with deep convictions… who are knowledgeable…. maybe so!

Will try to keep a couple of our great interview available. One on vaccine safety and the other on how to keep yourself safe from flu and cold — both from doctors.

Working to get you easy access to previous interviews without opening ourselves up to hacking.

Ebola Clinic Closed in Liberia

News came today that an Ebola Treatment Center in northern Liberia was closed, as it has had no new cases for 70 days.  What was not reported is that an American minister traveling in Africa last summer had sent word to the President of Liberia that she should call for a national prayer day in order to turn back the spreading virus. She did and as of that day new cases dropped off in her country (unlike some others.)  Apparently the spread has dropped off elsewhere now.

Ebola was real and it is highly infectious. Although I was frustrated by the hype and hyperbole spread by news media last summer, the disease and possible danger in Africa was real. A lack of sanitation and a culture that has not long been familiar with “the germ theory” exacerbated the problem.

We rejoice with the Africans, and especially the Liberians, about the good news. We would like the facts of prayer to be shared over here, just as we share our money and technological expertise over there.

While we here at The Great Shalom have always preached God’s promises of health and healing.  We would like to hear reporting of all pertinent facts, including the Liberian faith experience. We believe that it should be possible to at the very least admit the mind body connection or the mystery of shared experience.