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Universal Business Education

As the last in our series about the sound of Pentecost, and preparatory to our series on what to teach your children about money, we consider the suggestion for universal business education — something that American public education seems to have always been allergic to. Strange for the most capitalistic society? First, can we still claim that? Likely not. However, public school was originally designed to make train factory workers out of immigrants. More recently, it was designed to make useful idiots. (Documentation later, if you like.) For now, let’s think what it might be like to teach children about business principles.

Call to Arms to Parents 1

I preached a series from 2 Timothy about children and youth in modern times. Folks, this is a word from the Lord! It is straight out of the Bible. It was illuminated to me for you. Don’t be so tired of “calls to arms.” Don’t be so lazy. Don’t over look this. You children, grandchildren and the world you live in is at stake. Surely, this is more visible after the events of past weeks?

We need to invest in patiently teaching our children.

Full series is available at in the “store.”

Carl Sommer’s Principles of Success

Last week, we talked to Carl Sommer about his books for young children that teach character principles — like the mouse who discovered it was best to pay attention to what his mother said. This time he lost only his tail! And how the bear found his smile.

Mr. Sommer gave us a great discount of 25% this month for typing in the code “great.” This applies even to a subset of his books that have library binding that are already on sale for half price of …. get this… $4.95. We can’t be sure that there will be any of those books left. My librarian and preschool director friends have probably already snapped them up. So go right now.

All of the books are inexpensive for what they are and the 25% discount is great by itself. Be sure to peruse the whole website. You will find some free things.

In this episode, Mr. Sommer let out that he writes even more than is on Advance Publishing specializes in character building books, in a variety of languages, that teach character principles and are acceptable to public schools in the USA. But there is more. He is part of a project that teaches math. He provides the practical lessons, so students understand that math really is needed in the real world. For math resources, all the way up to Trigonometry This is suitable for public, private or homeschool educators.

Then, for specifically Christian content, especially success principles for youth, go to

Finally, for the the ebook format for the Kindle or iPad, let us help you with direct links. For a fee ebook edition of Education in Crisis go here. And for Teen Success in ebook form, go here. Many of his books are online with various vendors, including his books on Electric Discharge Machining, even a book on sex for young people, and his book

that originally alerted me to his work.

Please let us know which books of his you like most below.