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Victory for a Child who “Cant Speak”

Recently, I saw a prayer request for a little guy who cant speak, and besides praying, I realized that I had not shared our family’s victory with this issue. I had 3 grandsons who “couldn’t” speak. Let me tell you about them, and about another little gal. It should give you ideas and some hope and faith for any child of yours who “cant speak.”

Also, along the way, I mentioned diet. I took my grandson off milk, so he could hear. Here is a link to Dr. Melillo’s Disconnected Kids, to his book on diet, and to a search on the Fiengold diet. The Fiengold diet is an elimination diet that people use to find out what foods are irritating their children. Consequently, it is thought of as a diet for allergies or ADD, but the same logic works for any problem. Experimenting, you know… like science. LOL You have to laugh these days. People are so stirred up and angry about things they know nothing about. When this Fiengold diet came out, like in the 70s, lots of people spoke against it. It certainly has stood the test of time. You use it to find out what is bothering your child. If you already know, of course, it is a lot of trouble.

Like I said, your situation might not be exactly like any that I shared, but the stories will give you a place to start, some ideas, and surely some hope & faith. And that is where everything starts.

Dangerous Times but the Lionesses Have a Pride

Obviously, we are in dangerous times. I share some of the dangerous times I faced as an educator. Then share the help that I found. So, this is a pointer to help for parents and teachers in these dangerous times. This along with some important announcements here at “Great Shalom Broadcast” or “Overcoming Learning Problems.

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Another view on changing situation in public schools: Epoch Times, owned by Chinese American, ran a series on a communist conspiracy to subvert American education. Here is a more recent article on changing History curricula. More on Kinsey and teaching “sex-ed” in the schools.

How to Tell What is True — and How to Teach that Skill to Your Children

Here are 7 quick keys to how to tell what is true. This is an important lesson for children diagnosed as “learning disabled” because although they are bright, they are spending so much time on decoding, they have a hard time with higher order reading comprehension. Similarly, many of these children have poorer social skills — for any number of reasons. So, they may be behind in sorting our truth from “stories.” If we teach them directly, we can make up for much of that difficulty. However, today, it looks like everyone needs some lessons in pinpointing Truth and Error and sorting between the two. When one begins to think about some things in the discussion today, it is hard not to make fun of the gullibility. Let’s don’t be those who are snookered! More importantly, let’s protect our kids through more direct teaching of this life skill.

Listen, consider, and share!


Someone else’s attempt at teaching how to develop logical thinking.
for those digging deeper: How children can know that the Bible is true.
Logic is a moral obligations for a Christian.
If you do your own search, you will see that there has been a lot of energy to teach critical thinking in a way that debunks Christian faith — which isn’t logical at all. If all truth is known by what is empirical (which is their position), then they can not say anything about the metaphysical or supernatural — by definition. Thus they can not say that the supernatural is bunk, but only that they have no knowledge of it. Perhaps they are tone deaf, eh? That is logical! For more on this, see the work of Ravi Zacharias. Dr. Zacharias and his institute at Oxford did wonderful, high level apologetics. I can not account for why search engines are full of the tawdry — except for the psychological dynamic of projection, the impetus to snooker, and the need for this lesson.

Please share good resources, especially those aimed at children.

BTW, I mentioned my series Dangerous Times, thinking it was already ready, but alas, it required both editing and uploaded. However, it is in the store now. Just select “shop” from the tabs. It is great for both parents and teachers and I have it on a big big sale. It is a right now word.