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Autism Overcome!

This has been burning on my heart since I started this broadcast 12 years ago! Someone recently claimed victories in autism through deliverance ministry. I don’t doubt that. I also know of scientific studies showing victories through chelation therapy. Looks like toxicity is at least the most often culprit. Yet, even still, people who know better will claim that we know nothing and nothing can be done. Banish that idea! Perish the thought!

In 10 points I give you a very quick overview of what we know about autism and then a mom-level protocol for what to do. This is a problem that is causing great torment for some children, great grief for some parents, and real challenges for society. We do have some solid help.

10 things to know about Autism

As simple as I have made it, if you know this, you will know more than most.

1. EARLY STUDY – those who don’t speak have a hard time learning to read
2. Early successes – chelation therapy and methionine re-uptake, and thus gluten and casein free diet helps
3. Same time AMA says “we know nothing”
4. History (2 or 3 in 10,000 had an autism that was more like a mental illness, but still centered on lack of attachment & now we have 1 in 54 and have lumped development delays, attachment disorders, physiological problems, Aspergers
5. Shamanism, equine and canine therapies
6. Deliverance ministry
7. Better get right treatment for right ailment
8. While not discussed as much, the CDC says we now have 1:54 – as high as ever
9. Beware false support!
10. Protocol – take away what hurts
Take away what is hurting, any toxins
Basic nutrition
Nutrition to a higher level, Feingold and Nutritionist
Evaluate and treat
Innovative measures at home and school that extend
False groups with synthetic help
Chelation therapy – is blood purify
Deliverance ministry

We have no choice? WHAT?!?!

Someone said she had no choice. Her son had no choice. O, dear. Let’s overcome that fear that closes the mind to options.

On an interview today of a very much more well known person, I saw in the chat comments, twice or three times something not relevant to the interview. “We have no choice. My son has to take the vaccine in order to go to college.” Either this was a cry for help. Or it was an intentional, paid, distraction. It tore my heart.

From the overall chat conversation, it sounded maybe like some mother really did think that. O, please, please let’s consider options. Let’s open up thinking. Willing?


Did you know that every school that takes state or federal funding MUST provide religious exceptions for vaccines? All vaccines. So, if someone wants to claim this is a vaccine, then they MUST PERMIT a religious exemption. The form for has always been posted online in Texas. Schools don’t normally volunteer the information. Texas more recently requires requesting the form. Would such little inconveniences be more weighty than the life, health, learning ability of your child?

That is what we are talking about. Longevity will be reduced by an injection that causes auto-immune problems and serious inflammation problems. That really is not arguable. That longevity might reduced to a couple years for many or most — now that is not known — just claimed. If human tissue is damaged, that includes not just hearts and kidneys, but also brains. We already had adequate concerns about immunization that WERE SAFETY APPROVED / FDA approved may be causing the rapid increase of autism/Aspergers/developmental delays. So, I am not kidding.


Okay. more options. There are other schools. There is distance learning. There is not going to college.

Let’s go back to other schools. Did you hear about the school system in Florida that will not be hiring any teacher who took the vax — because they want to protect the teachers who they do hire, because teachers of in the main women, who in the main want to have children. It is known that the jab will increase spontaneous abortions 24x. It is known that it gives hormonal problems. That is just so far. Long-term affects are not known.

There is also moving to another state. Really. Why would you want to be in a jurisdiction that is so tyrannical that they would damage your health, take away your choice, lie? Especially when there are other jurisdiction and not resistance to your moving. The ones with the better economies are the very one with the more freedoms.


BTW, you might enjoy this video. Fake vaccine are very possible. Remember those pix of stars and political leaders taking theirs? One I saw was clearly fake and the pix I saw pointed it out. But others… who knows?

Sensory Integration with Nikki Branch, OT

We are hearing a lot about sensory integration problems and the discipline that is handling sensory integration problems most is Occupational Therapy. It may seem strange to have children going to occupational therapy, but Nikki will explain to us that this is about the normal tasks that occupy a persons time. LOL Anyway, here is a brief introduction, from 2010, to OT for sensory integration.

We loved Nikki, who was a graduate of Baylor and a member of what was then the fastest growing church in Austin. She worked for Milestones, but has moved away since then. However, some of what she said, related to 2010 is exactly what needs to be considered today in 2021, that we can not speak about. you will hear it, carefully said, and you will know.


From my doctor mom and preschool educator perspective lots of sensory experiences, at the child’s level is a great idea. Dr. Montessori based much of her work on sensory education. Children’s task in the first years is to explore their environment, but modern environments are often too restrictive. For instance, a child can investigate a crib or a playpen only so much. They want to feel the carpet and the grass. They wan to bang the pots and the cabinet doors. They want to feel the difference between the velvet cushion and the satin one. The Montessori classroom offers these experiences in an organized manner. Also, as a grandmother of children who had problems, I offered a lot of swinging, rocking, and dancing to one child. Another needed extra time to draw circles and boxes and learn how to use a pencil. As an educator, I have seen children with differing problems. Some great OTs really helped families who were mystified about their children’s troubles.

Please chime in and tell us what is going on for you parents and your professionals now. We love to hear from you.