Best news ever — after the gospel

The best news ever is the gospel. The Gospel includes how to have a great eternity, wisdom for a good life here, including healing, and a certain level of long-term prosperity.

When the news is that a majority of the population has been tricked or coerced into taking something that will often kill them and likely mean they won’t be able to produce, … that is very bad. The good news is that the Resurrection of Jesus is stronger than already completely completed death. So the healing that is in the Resurrection can be the antidote to the clot shot. Already, the marvelous system of the body in place since the creation largely foiled the attempts at death by man-made disease and genocide masquerading as a cure or prevention.

But, still, great news is that widely available substances can help in a natural way.  It is highly illegal? well no, but high dangerous to suggest anyone can cure covid. FBI agents were in my friends’ little supplement store to be sure even they knew. So, no one is saying there is a cure. And most really think there is no way to detox from the shot. People are getting surgeries to get the white strange clot like things out. But… they might grow again. But here, from the same people who helped us when we were worried about the spread, is news that might help.

In any case, let’s be as healthy as we can — for whatever might attack us, yes?

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