How to Pray for Your Children

This is a sample of a 7 part series on how to pray for your children. “Contending in Prayer” was what the old saints of yesteryear said. Actually, we are not fighting God or people, and really maybe not the devil. Maybe we are perservering and so maybe our fight is with “flesh” or “lower nature.” Anyway, I used that old language of “contending” profitably. And many people were encouraged.

Today you can order the 7 part series, on CDs, by sending a check for for $70.00 (now until June 1 2018 half price! only $35!) to P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630. Also, there is a turnkey study guide for you or for a group of parents on, as well as a number of other books for you. OH!

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Call to Parents to Be Involved with Children’s Education

Parents must wake up! You need to know what is going on in your child’s world. This is the first in a series from II Timothy 2& 3, where we glean advice on teaching and parenting. Very appropriate!

Whole series, with good advice for parents and teachers, available for $50.00, on CDs. Send to Sharon Sarles P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park Texas 78613

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Principles from the Founding of the USA on This National Day of Prayer

Today, 5/3/18 is the National Day of Prayer. So, since I am doing a retrospective series, I thought I would post the first of the series I did on Citizenship for July the 4 back in 2012. Home educators in Texas know that they are tasked with teaching citizenship; would that all teachers took the same as seriously! All of us should pray earnestly for our leaders and in order to live in peace, just as we are instructed by the Bible. Current events would lend some urgency to that recommendation!

This episode was the first of 5 that dealt with the founding of this country, its Christian roots, and what lessons we might draw from that. I was reading the Primer that school children of that period were taught from and so I made an audio primer. It would be very good to buy for your children or grandchildren. Indeed, we all might be edified by its lessons. Normally the bundle of the 5 messages plus the hour long CD would run $100, but for this week, let’s have a special and offer the whole things for half price: $50.00. Please send a check to Sharon Sarles/The Great Shalom P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park Texas 78613 and I will send the CDs to you.

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