Testimonies of Miraculous Healings

Betty and Melanie testify to miraculous healings. This is a rerun from 2008. These friends were strictly charged not to make this about me. God, through Jesus and Holy Spirit does the healings.

We are honored to be able to pray with others for healings.

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Answers to Insidious and Pervasive Arguments Attacking Your Children: Are Christians Ignorant?

Today we have an answer for this challenge: “How can Christianity be true if Christians believe a different thing?” Contrary to the common viewpoint in educated society, Christianity does not Equal Ignorance! Cultured despisers of the faith are not new, but their challenge to youth has never been greater. Be sure your child is equipped by listening.

Third is a 9 part series offering answers to the insidious and pervasive arguments attacking your children. Equip your children to stand up to current challenges to the faith. Don’t let your children be intimidated by college professors and atheistic friends.

Get Sister Sharon’s book, *Don’t Lose Your Faith in College, Loose It!* available on www.lulu.com in inexpensive paperback and ebook format.

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Should You Vaccinate for the Flu?

At the public library I saw a young girl, maybe 7, crying her eyes out. Her mother was shrugging and saying to the librarian in a bewildered way, “I just got her vaccinated. I thought she would be happy!” Needless to say, I was not.

Please let me offer Dr. Ensign’s (DO) interview with us on the topic of protection from viruses such as flu and colds. Not only is this fall, when often flu circulates, but also there is some news about vaccinations and allergies being connected. This news is being shared by another of our friends and interviewees, Dr. Don Colbert MD.

“Colbert: CDC : Vaccinations and Food Allergies Connected”

In a study at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), results reveal a link between food allergies and vaccinations given to children. Life-threatening reactions in children are possible. Gelatin (and other ingredients within) is often used in the creation of vaccinations which can cause the reaction. An Increase in Food Allergies Children are faced with…

via CDC Discovers New Link Between Vaccinations & Food Allergies — Dr. Don Colbert

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