Healing Music – Real and Real Easy

I found some music that worked healing for me. It was better than the binaural stuff and easier than the weird therapist guy. Further, it was Christian AND seemed like it had scientific merit. Here is my story and the musician’s story. Check it out for healing. Or consider it for a Christmas gift of peaceful music.

Here are the links to the musician’s explanation and experiences:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy97gn27dKE explanation
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvCSxSK-WrY interview

Link for premium package of Wholetones.

Here is a link for Wholetones Chroma. I only briefly mentioned colors, but here is more.

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Can you Be Good Without Being a Christian – Answer #7

Here is a challenge every one must face at some time: “Can you be good, equally as good, without being a Christian?”

I remember how my atheist and humanist friends railed at the term “good Christian” 30 years ago. Then the culture still remembered that our version of good was based on Judeo/Christian ideas. The culture’s ideas are changing, however. So to address this question adequately, I suggest we start from definitions. We do need to define what “good” is.

I do not think that oppression is good. What about using sex to oppress. Is that good? But isn’t open sexual expression good? Isn’t more freedom good? The experienced and thoughtful person will see quickly how such a discussion may become very confusing — and very important for a young person.

I hope you enjoy the 7th installment of my Answers Series. They are not ordered, but just numbered. Be sure to get the entire set for your young person.

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Thanksgiving: Have a Happy and Healing Holiday

This week we will post a little early because we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, the usual day for posting. This year, let’s talk again about how healthful traditional holiday foods are. Why am I bringing this up on a healing ‘cast? Because divine health was God’s original intent. God made the earth good, remember? Of course, it got broken along the way. And that is why we need healing. The intent was good. The plan was good. The food that came with the garden is still good! Sometimes human society cooks up broken things, but you and I can still serve wholesome and delicious food. I hope you will be cheered and comforted by how great all that traditional food is. Did you know sweet potatoes have a high density of vitamins and minerals?  Did you know that Turkey is supposed to make you relax? Relaxed is good. Right? Enjoy!

Also, if you need some help with all those vitamins, and with info on them, notice that at the bottom of the Great Shalom home page there is a link to Pure. Pure Encapsulations is the highest quality supplements; my healthfood MD recommends them. However, now on their website they have other brands. Including some Life Extension products, which are the greatest for the grandparent generation.  Check them out.

For holiday gift giving, please let me strongly recommend the music at Wholetones. This music was heaven inspired for healing and relaxation. You have got to heal the story how it came about. There is even a connection to King David. It worked for me.  For the link to Wholetones (or Barton Publishing), look to the Right, top.


44.4% Off All Wholetones Product 11/25- 11/28 Only

Here is a code for a gift set of essential oils for $37.50.

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