Home School Basics Nationwide – Meets Special Needs

Home School Legal Defense Fund answers a wide range of basic questions about homeschooling. Most exciting to me was the history of these able lawyers, as parents, embarking on home education because their children had special, individual, needs.

Please hear last week’s cast, where I announce a homeschooler mom-to-mom pamper and support weekend in San Antonio Mar 31. Activities only $100. Choice hotel, near Alamo, for discount, or you may choose your own. Please email me at infor@greatshalom.org for more information.

Also, pastors and congregational leaders’ conference on how to start a preschool coming up in (south) Dallas May 13. Only $97.00. P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78613.

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How to Change the World – Starting in Your Neighborhood

We all talk about changing the world. The folks are changing the world for their children, their families, their neighborhoods. They have a workable model.

I have another, similar model: church affiliated preschools. My free gift this month is an ebook, now entitled Preschool: Your Most Important Mission. Just fill out the form and I will send it to you. Please get one for your pastor. Or start a committee. Or just start your own business if your church’s building just won’t do. Please consider this idea. Our nation’s children need it. Think about it when you are planning foreign missions too! Get the book. It will help you start!

We begin a series on homeschooling today, going for the next few weeks — because my most important young mother advisor told me that the number one help that young mothers with children who have special needs is: how to do homeschooling (better). So home education. in our next series. Basic foundational facts covered briefly at the end of today’s ‘cast.

It will be the next big product too. Step by step instructions on how to cover everything your child needs and how to decide which curricula and which path to take. See more info on the Project tab above.

Two big announcements:
1) Mom to mom support, idea swap, and pamper event. March 31st 2017 Friday night and Saturday. I announced it as being in Austin, but found my favorite eco-friendly hotel is booked up. So going to the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio. (You could bring the whole family, but out time is girlfriend time. Your husband would have to take the kids to the Alamo and promise not to bother you. $97 for the group activities and the Menger reservations are on you. However, if you book with our group, you get a significant discount. Call me for details. 512-249-7629. MOMS only.

2) How to start a preschool for pastors and lay leaders on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 in south Dallas. $97 For more info email me at info@greatshalom.org.

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100% Graduation in 9 Low SES Schools. Discover the secret!

School population is 57% economically disadvantaged. Majority are minorities. Graduation rate 100%. College acceptance rate 100% Tuition is free. Nine schools on seven campuses, centered around Oak Cliff area of Dallas. Ready to expand. What is their secret?

Here is their mission: The Mission of Life School is to train leaders with life skills for the twenty-first century by establishing strong academics, character training, and a parenting program.

Here is their history: In 1989 Rev. Dr. Tom Wilson, who was already involved in many charitable activities, start Life School because he wished to see a greater percentage of people whose lives were permanently changed. Then in 1998 Life School became a charter school, meaning there is no tuition, and thereby able to serve an ever greater number of people. Today Life Schools are located from Central Texas through south Dallas, and are ready to expand anywhere, given qualified local partners.

Here are the facts: Life School is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides a high quality K-12 education along with character and leadership training to thousand of students annually. Life School has received the highest academic accountability rating issued by the Texas Education Agency over the past three years. Frugal and transparent financial accounting, too! Revenue per student is less than many public schools. Data informed, innovative, founded firmly and explicitly on a particular set of values.

Whether you are a mother struggling to get half-way decent education for your children, or social scientist who wants an answer to the widespread dismal social reality, or an educator who wants a practical solution, or a church/philanthrophic group ready to find a workable worthy cause — wow! — here is a group of people who have results beyond what anyone thought was possible. Listen, read, very closely, and you may ferret out what I think is their secret.

In any case, let’s follow the evidence based path toward best practices. Please share with all interested parties. Great news especially that is implementable, should be shared. Yes?

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