Doctor Speaks of Vaccine Risk to Children

Reported in the Epoch Times Newspaper: Doctor Speaks of Vaccine Risk to Children. Doctors and scientists in the know, the ones who know the most about the development of the vaxx so very mandated, warn against giving to children.

Please see this site. Other posts there. Please check out the credentials of the doctor(s) speaking. Notice lack of self-interest.  They are doing what they are doing from motives of good. When doctors like this speak out against vaxxing children, they risk their practice, their friendship network,  their peace a tax time, and possibly even their family’s safety. They are speaking up, contrary to their good, for yours. Don’t just assume this vax is an immunization. Don’t assume that it is safe. Don’t assume it is safe at all for children.

Then please share. Even the most simple, most widely known facts, that could keep people alive in this time are strongly suppressed, not just by the conventional news media and the major tech platforms, but even by the little guys like Next Door. Look, folks, this is serious. It is like we are in a communist country, where anything but the self-serving lies of the elite are vigorously squash. And like a dystopian novel, where the system wants to kill off the majority of the planet. Look, it hangs together. Lots of evidence. It is such so strange it is hard to believe. But once you put the story together, not only do you see more and more evidence now, but you begin to see the sad situations of the past make more sense.

It is not a pretty story. For that reason, some don’t want to look. But, please, do save your kids. Then, turn to Jesus. Jesus the King of Love is also victor. Wickedness will fall. It is a good time to have faith. I recommend doing one’s assignment, rather than spending overmuch time with eschatology/study of the end times. Know your Bible, for sure, but the most important part is that God loves you and yours — and then your response to show forth that love. Family first and then whatever other assignment.

Love and blessings!  Happy Thanksgiving.


Ultimate Secret to Day of Trouble

In a 3 part series, we have been gathering the secrets to success from an ancient situation. King Hezekiah faced an onslaught by the ruthless emperor Sennacharib, and his lying captain Rabshakeh. He appeals to the LORD, both directly and through the prophet isaiah. This situation is recorded 3 times in the Bible. Today, we look at Isaiah’s memory. The good news is that the Lord intervened on behalf of his people; one angel overcame 185,000 men in one night.  Here is the ultimate secret to the day of trouble.

No doubt we too have a day of trouble, rebuke and blasphemy. The same strategies of manning the wall, sorting out truth from falsehood, praying, and looking to God will help us win. This is the ultimate secret to the day of trouble. God will allow us to be challenged to strengthen us, but in the end, God will fight for us.

In the time it took to receive, record and post this series, we have seen some turn around. We have turned the corner. Lies are exposed. the captains are backing up, trying a little more. The dark kingdom is imploding. Take courage. Be strong. Overcome. Recover all.

Indeed, I am encouraged. I am beginning to see more than just a very few alternative media people share the truth. Common people are not being intimidated. They can’t fire half of all workers. They can say that they will replace nurses and air traffic controllers, but that is entirely unreasonable. They can make gas prices higher, inflation severe, taxes worse — but all that will be noticed by the people. They are not just fighting among themselves, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Intecessors and prophets are proclaiming turn around — and so do the headlines.

Let us take heart. Let us man the walls. Let us not believe the lies. let us stand with Love, Truth, and faith.   Let us go out, pursue, overtake, recover all. Meaning, no longer be locked up with fear, based on lies, with our God-given rights taken, nor our children taken, nor our health taken. We can stand together.

Harvard prof: Children SHOULD NOT be vaxxed

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Chemist Explains What is in A Vaccine

A Chemist with Startling info About Vaccines


Newer info: Dr. Brett Spradlin, Divine Design talks about what is in the v*x. Shards of metal, DNA from a vairety of animals, and something alive but unknown (with pix). Also, in his lobby, he has a very large binder with manufacturer’s info sheets. These sheets ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN EACH DOSE, FOR CONSUMERS TO READ. They are not. Sometimes they are blank. Sometimes, when asked about it by patients, doctors go ballistic. That in itself is a red flag. And that was the immuizations. This is something new.