Local Pastor Prays for Educators and Advises Students About Religious Rights

Bob Long, a local leader in Central Texas, weighs in about religious rights in public school. Then he prays over all the children and educators starting school this year. (rerun from 2009).

For more help on the topic of rights for Christians in the public school, please consult Christian Educators Association https://ceai.org/

Christian Educators Association International. Encouraging, equipping, and empowering Christian educators in K-12 public, charter, and private schools. The mission of the Christian Educators Association is to inspire and support Christian educators and encourage community. They have a magazine and a yearly national convention. They also offer a $2 million Professional Liability Policy that protects educators from lawsuits. A Job Action Protection benefit that provides a local attorney to represent you and other benefits.

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Brain Balance Austin

Wholistic concept of brain… balance. They start with nutrition, do tests, then build an exercise and study plan specifically for that child. It is not cheap, but it has really done wonders. Here these Christian owners talk about their experience.

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New Understanding of Authority

You might have heard of the sovereignty of God and thought it meant everything that happens was in the will of God. You might have heard of “speaking truth to power” and figured that was for leftist activists. Here is a new idea from someone long ago who was faithful in the midst of duties in an ungodly world: Daniel

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