Healing Word Released for All on Assignment

This is Lance Wallnau speaking in Israel a few days ago. He says much. What I wanted to share on this site is at about minute 30. There is healing for all who are on assignment. Whether it is mental, psychological or physical — Jesus has healing for you.

This is what this ministry is about. Healing is promised. Full healing. Lots of ways.

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Dr. Jeff Meyers on Passing the Baton

Jeff Meyers started a movement of mentoring. Did you know that young people really want mentoring contact? Dr. Meyers lets us in on the secrets of how to pass on the blessing. Originally a radio broadcast in August 2008.

For people who want to go deeper on this, ready for strong meat, Just this month I found pertinent message from Damon Thompson. Being a father is more important than being a warrior or a preacher or a whatever. Legacy is generational. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/damon-thompson-ministries/id618115914?mt=2

Please share any light you have on mentoring, parenting, or passing on the blessing.

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Testimony of Miraculous Healing – 5 Year Old Boy Expected to be Dead

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, I am playing the testimony of my grandson’s healing. It was this experience, walking through my family’s difficulties that brought about this broadcast. The 5 year old was expected to die; zero percent chance of living they said. The medic was speechless when I told him that my grandson came out of a coma. The nurses thought I was a nut to hope that the child would ever be more than a vegetable. They were speechless when he walked out of the hospital after 3 weeks. There is more.

If you are facing this kind of horrendous emergency, or the aching ongoing horror, of having a child who is broken, please take heart. I do not share this to rub it in, but because I was asked to share what I knew. In this case, it was not what I knew, but that I knew I could ask God’s help.

I hope the story helps you. Believe and don’t give up. Love and blessings, Sharon

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