Be Part of the Great Rescue

We covered several great rescues that God did on Passover this year. Following our mission of healing and equipping children, or parents and teachers for the well-being of children, we talk about a central issue of the safety of children from sexual predators. There is no way to characterize the historic pandemic shut-down as an attack of the enemy (whatever position you take on what was planned, all evil consequences are influenced by the supernatural world, so all evil is energized by the enemy satan.) However, we all know that the end of the story is that God, (all good, all Truth, all Love, all Justice) wins. Therefore, we are all called to decided on what side we wish to be on: good or evil, fear or faith, control or service. This is the classical Christian message. This is the message for today.

Parents, as they were shut in with their children had an opportunity to become better acquainted with their children and with their parenting. Many may have discovered some negative influences that they may rectify. Some may have discovered that the parenting that they were taught by the lefist influenced education or not taught by a self-absorbed culture. This can be fixed. A few have discovered their own lack. This can be greatly improved at the altar of salvation and the class of sanctification/spiritual maturity.

We are going to see more home education, more boundaries in parenting, more character education, more spiritual maturity, and certainly more practical protection for children.

This episode deals with the more critical taking of the land after a rescue from sexual depredation. God worked a great rescue for us, unveiling evil plans set for our destruction. But once we leave the slavery of Egypt, we need to learn to trust the Lord knowing He knows the way through the wilderness. This was our time of shut-in, looking to Jesus. Then comes taking the land given to us. We were shut in while the storm of evil or judgement passed over us. Now, after Pentecost, it is time we emerge… as the storm itself, energized by the Truth and Love that is the Lord Holy Spirit.

We do pass along medical information that mothers might want to know. Here is a link to an article in Journal of Virology from 2005 that says that Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor for SARs corona virus (a category>)
Chlorquine is related to quinine that you probably have read about in history or historical fiction.
We are seeing articles about other drugs coming to market that should also be useful.
I hope this allays some fears. And causes some questioning about why reporters couldn’t find this article. Amazing that now scientific journal articles are widely avalaible.

The Pattern of Salvation

We are living in momentous times. We can’t catch a slow newsday. Do you think there is just too much discussion on Facebook? Chuckle.
We have been rescued from things we did not know we needed rescue from. The virus was meant to be deadly, and was not. The handling of it was meant to close down our nation — forever. It won’t, but we will have to work hard to overturn the damage. Other nations are still in a fight for their very lives.

Then, before we were over the “pandemic”, we heard about the overturn of a treasonous plot to take down our duly elected president, where high officials, several top law enforcement professionals, top legislators, and the media all colluded. Lt. Gen. Flynn’s exoneration was only the tip of the iceberg; he was targeted because he was a good investigator and a straight arrow, so he was the first most important person for the criminals to take down. This is not a political broadcast, but such a momentous happening, now publicly known and not only suspected by the particularly well informed, can not be overlooked.

This does have ramifications for the little mother with a child whose problems fill her time. The wool covering eyes is being pulled off. The system was not set up to help you, not to heal your child, and not to educate your child. The rock of our salvation is Jesus alone. The rescue from slavery is in God alone. Fortunately, however, NOT in religion alone. Our hope in God matters in all of our life. God works in our lives and in all of society. But the Kingdom grows like a plant or a crop. It will help you if you understand the pattern of how God works.