APOLOGIES!!! To Partial Subscribers

If you subscribed, via WordPress, to just *some* categories of posts, you might not have been receiving anything for some months…. because the new Gutenberg editor did not show Categories to me. Silly me, I did not realize how a big a deal this was until today. So, today, I restored the old editor. Now I see the categories into which I categorize. So, now, you should be receiving those categories to which you have subscribed. Hope this works better.

BTW, I get a lot of spam comments — all wanting to sell random things. If you listen to the podcast,then you know my email. And you also know this is a podcast ministry site. LOL. Nevertheless, always looking for interaction with my listeners.

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Gaming Addiction: Testimony of Overcoming

A homeschooled youngster was taken over by gaming addiction. After his victory, on his way toward a career in high tech, he stopped by in 2008 to tell us his testimony. You might find it helpful.

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Questions Answered: The prophetic, soul-winning, speaking truth in love

Happened to see some videos of Kim Clement being interviewed on TBN the week before 9/11. Kim had already gained a large reputation as a prophet. He says some interesting things.

Certainly, he speaks against laziness and manipulations. I understood him to speak against prophets coming and making a bless me show, that leaves most people out. Is that what you heard?

He expresses some reservations about the “prophetic movement” meaning Christians running around and giving personal prophecies to other Christians. I have expressed some reservations in my own book, Prophetic Order, and have never until today heard others say similar things. He says it is disrespectful to God to misrepresent him. I note that the accuracy is poor, often it is conducted in ways that are prideful or especially disrespectful to the clergy. Further, it contravenes I Corinthians 14 about how such things are handled. I would not be willing to entirely forestall the use of prophetic words in evangelistic contexts, but suggested we needed to be more clear and to do better. Clearly, Kim Clement is more well-known and raised these concerns now nearly 2 decades ago.

He also addresses the importance of soul winning, and how the prophetic might work in this situation. For those who don’t know, he is quoting I Corinthians 14 about how prophecy/the prophets should work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msdbskEds10

He also says that today, younger people desperately need to know they have worth to God; they already know that they are sinners. One certainly wonders in 2019, when we hear such a monolithic onslaught of tertiary deviance (deviance taught as correct) coupled with a bullying intimidation against any voice that disagrees, no matter how Biblical, traditional or scientific. Still in all, I think how Kim demonstrates the evangelistic prophetic in the story is very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuN0qSiVWyI

If you have a good story about speaking what you knew was the Word of the Lord, or a Holy Spirit lead word, to a sinner, in love, that worked or in others words evoked worship or repentance, please share.

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