Downloadable Products Available.

Now, we have 3 sets of downloadable products available for you as you stand with, pray for, and teach your children.
1. When the Road to Reading Gets Rocky. A protocol of what to do, from checking on foundational nutrition, to presenting reading in an non-confusing way, and what other things to check and where to go. Don’t wait! Don’t let your child learn that learning is not fun or that s
2. What the Bible Says about Healing. 5 messages, classic but fresh, and right out of the Bible
3. How to Pray Powerfully. 4 messages, well received!

See store.

Books still available on (God Wants you Healed, Learn at Home for Great Shalom, How to Contend for your Children, Legacy Group Bible Study and Workbook) (English Spelling Patterns, How Prophets and Pastors Can Work Together, and How to Start a Daycare/Preschool as a Mission)

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Mothers Praying Together for a Breakthrough

Today, again, we pray together. Pray along with me for a breakthrough for yourself or your children.
Share the anointing! Get encouraged. See a breakthrough for your kids or grandkids.
And if you find value in this, please share it with your friends — however and wherever. This could be from the website posting to Facebook or it could be a like on iTunes. Or whatever way works for you. Please let people know.

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Praying in the Prodigals

Nearly every family has one — or several. Too often, feeling alone, we have lost the heart to pray for them. It is high time we link arms and pray together. Today we are doing just that. Using Isaiah 43:6 as our promise, we pray in confidence that the prodigals will be brought back. In fact, while we are at it, let’s make the enemy pay for the theft of our children with the return of their whole generation into the kingdom.

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