ADD and ADHD and GSB led the pack a decade ago

This week we re running an episode from 2008 about Attention Deficit Disorder. Tom Schnorr, a compounding pharmacist, was kind enough to share his expertise with us — although he does not share our Christian faith. He had some amazing things to say. One thing he told me was that genes can be changed. Today, some of the latest, cutting edge science, shared on podcasts like Rich Roll (guest: Sinclair) and Peak Human and Bulletproof is that the epigenome is highly changeable.

Similarly, today, in those same places we are hearing about the bad effects of EMF — which I also talked about in the same series I reference in this episode. There was no episode for which I was more punished. A great many of my subscribers quite their subscription because I brought them this information. I based it on a consultant’s report from a retired NASA scientist who also gave citations. Yet, I was probably condemned as a conspiracy theorist. Today, proven entirely right.

This is more than the first light being rejected. The Christian community can be as judgmental as anyone else. Further, they can be rather tied to their corner. If something isn’t know to them already, then it is therefore wrong. How can can you learn, if you have this attitude? How can a teacher teach? Or a leader lead? Why cede all knowledge to the unbelievers? All leadership?
NO! God wants great shalom of all people..and provides it… but mostly it is rejected. This is true in the spiritual and it is true in the natural too.

God reached out to help children through this broadcast. It was met with some mild interest. Today, when I talk to unbelievers, they are wildly interest; believers very much are more interested in selling me tuition of the school they went to — and not an academic school. Do you see what I am saying? They are more interested in the pride of having been to a prophetic school rather than listening to a tried prophet. Continuing on in their world rather than worrying about the children around them. Publish it not in Gath.

Anyone with me? Leave a GOOD comment. Let me know your questions and what you want to hear more of. Or Share with someone who needs to know about options for ADD.

BTW, Sr,. Zyblot prescribed P%P, targeted fatty omega acids for all his ADD/ADHD patients. Red Dye was proven in a study by Dr. Lendell Braud back in the 1970s to create ADD/ADHD symptoms. So anyone who warns against the Fiengold diet (which is a test that eliminates whatever substances giving the child problems) is sending you in the wrong direction. REAL science and REAL faith are parallel. Don’t be fooled by the proudest most conventional people.

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Pray in Faith

We want to pray. We want answers. We have a hard time even having hope, let alone faith, that we will get the answers we want. Why is that? Perhaps it is because we do not know the will of God. why shouldn’t God want your child to overcome a learning disability or any other problem? Perhaps it is because we have never moved close enough to God, snuggled up to God, to enable Holy Spirit to pray through us. Perhaps it is because we have been taught any number of things that are incorrect! let me unpack scripture that says to pray in faith.
BTW, what is faith? according to the Greek word for faith, pistis, it is reliance on God. Imagine you relied on a trustworthy friend. You would ask and not worry, right? You lean on that friend’s trustworthiness, right? It is the same with God. We can trust he wants the best for us. We figure God knows more about it than we do. We can ask for a good outcome… and maybe ask how we can help.
Hear how.

BTW, see “Shop” to buy series like this.

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Pray in Confidence

We are re-running an episode on prayer from 2011. We talk about why and how you might pray in confidence.
I realize we feel like begging, but when we know what God’s will is, when God has declared healing in the Scripture, begging is not the most effective method. Confidence can be had, based on Scripture. Hear how.

Please see our prayer series in the store.

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