Well, I know Mothers’ Day has passed, but I felt moved to give you a blessing. It is from Psalm 112. God is interesting in blessing you. And your children. And your grandchildren. Did you know it? So here is your Mothers’ Day Blessing. Just listen.

I have been working now for 12 years to give you a blessing. Are you getting it? All? Kind of like God’s blessing … you have to partner to all of it. It just works that way. I can prove it by Scripture or by logic. Either way.

Getting More to You

I’d like to get more to you. So, I’ve worked out some levels of partnership. Please check these out on the “Join” page. Lioness level for minimum, but gets you connected. The Lioness Pride level gets you something every month that really has the value I believe exceeding the best program I know of, and it takes $64,000 and time and years and commuting, etc. I’ve distilled down lots of summarized help. A mom level protocol on what to do when you kid has a problem. An explanation of which professional does what, so you know which profession to seek out — rather than just get sold on whatever it is they have to sell. Then you could waste years and untold money. Get things solved. Knowledge and wisdom help. That is what I have to give you. Please receive!

Join Your Faith with My Faith

Anyway, please receive the blessing from Scripture — the one with the best claim to authenticity & biggest results. Look, I believe reason & faith go together. Maybe that makes me unique. I hope it helps a lot of people. This ministry is all about getting help for kids who need it. It starts with some faith. The alternative is to not start. It is founded on the revelation that God (Almighty Creator) wants total well-being for all children. The alternative is to resign yourself to whatever brokenness you are facing. I say I believe in miracles and I will take them any way they come. The alternative is to demand whatever method you accept, and do without if it needs to come in some other way. I am not talking about “oh well…. God will send it later” kind of different way. I am talking about cast a demon out when a demon needs to be cast out, eat better when better nutrition is needed, and teach differently when that is needed. Whatever it takes… but see that child whole, healthy, happy — and doing well in school and in life.

Partner with me in faith to get to your child in total well-being.

What IF the DoomsDay Scenario is True? Got Reasonable Answers.

You have heard it. The doctors are grappling with what is going on with the “v***ne.” The news is very very serious. What if the doomsday scenario is true? What if a massive die-off is exactly what was intended?
As a mother and grandmother, I am concerned. As a minister and educator, I am going to address the situation for everyone with logic, reason, and the Bible. What if… what if the worst case scenario? But what is the best case scenario. Let’s go down the decision tree. I think you will be comforted. You will have some peace.

Sneak preview….. God wins.

Be on the right side. It is a good bet.


Dr. Tenpenny and others question the “vaccine” Titled: Dr Sherri Tenpenny – Explains how the Depopulation mRNA Vaccines will Start to Work in 3-6 Months Dr Tenpenny and Dr. Lee Merritt – The Medical Industry Has Now Been Weaponized Doctors Palevsky, Tenpenny & Northrup: Expert Panel Concerning Menstrual Irregularities (Vaccines) Dr. Kelly Victory has asked questions relating to covid-19 and the response.

Obviously, the “conventional” view is different, and not surprisingly, you can find someone to denigrate these doctors. You decide. My episode is not asserting expertise in microbiology, epidemiology, etc.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is NOT discredited. He was attacked, but eventually prevailed. He was undeniably a world class researcher, collaborated with others, and was published in many peer review journals in many countries. He listened to parents of children who claimed that their children had autism symptoms after being vaccinated, and then raised questions about safety and was attacked, viciously. Even after being exonerated, he is still maligned and lied about. Just do a search. He gave Great Shalom an interview in 2009. Privately, he was very hurt. He just couldn’t understand the persecution. Listen to the interview. He is so reasonable! Does that sound like a wild-eyed crazy man? Or a researcher? I think it is obvious to any reasonable person that *he* is not the one who is hurting children. Others, push vaccines, without safety testing and make money out of it. Lots of money. Who will you believe?

He has an opinion about the mRNA “” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> This opinion is shared by many doctors who privately tell their patients a similar thing.

Sharon, why would you give a link to a website opposing someone whom you think is credible. Because I think it is clear what is true. Because, unlike so many,they did give real quotes. 1) How likely would it be that a world class researcher would start putting out lies? 2) How likely would it be that asking about safety of children means that he hurt children? 3) How likely is it that a research doctor started a movement? When he stopped both teaching and seeing patients while he was attacked. When it is hard to get a new quote from him. Notice, the phenomenon of projection, meaning accusing someone else of doing exactly what you are doing/feeling etc. Did you see the clip of Mitt Romney being booed mercilessly at the GOP convention in Utah? And he asks them if they are embarrassed. Who should be embarrassed. This projection phenom seems to be going on a lot in politics these days! But here, who is more likely to have hurt children: a research doctor asking questions about safety or 2) Big pharma pushing vaccines like they were going out of style. Notice, too, that we can deliver medicines without painful needles. Gotta think about it.

Question about Salvation and the “V****”

BTW, Kevin Zadai, who claims to have been to heaven, says that no one can be saved unless they have 100% human DNA. He cites the genealogies of the Bible and the stories about interspecies copulation in Genesis 6:2 being consider bad. As is common, he considers this verse to mean that fallen angels interbred with human women, and that the race of giants results. I have seen a photo of a 9 foot skeleton in an archeological dig in Israel. For more information:

AUTHORITY IN PRAYER Experts, recommended
Works with the same name by Kenneth Hagin Jr. and Kenneth Wommack.

Robert Henderson is known for his revelation of the courts of heaven. You may enjoy Radiant Church or MTWTh 6:20 am CT there is Spirit-led prayer for an hour. Most interesting is this , recorded T 5/4, after I recorded the track here but 2 days before I posted this post.

Dutch Sheets has led in prayer for a long time. Today, his slogan is “American Shall Be Saved.”

T. L. Osborn’s book on healing is considered the premiere work on healing. Here is it, free:

J. G. Lake. Perhaps the leading healing ministry. A memorable and pertinent story is that John G. Lake help moved bodies during the plague in South Africa. He said, and it was proven under a microscope that the plague germs died when they touched his hand.

Here are his books, on deep discount.

While J. G. Lake is gone, here is a legacy ministry: Led by Curry Blake

Another legacy ministry: Led by Cal Pierce


Hear Jonathan Shuttleswroth

Broken down into a bookmark size on Rodney Howard Browne’s site :

Join Homeschooling Tripling

Homeschooling has tripled in the US. It is an increasing movement. Some join because of the chaos of the “pandemic.” Some join because of the curricula that is increasingly anti-academic. Traditionally, the majority joined because they felt the school system was ungodly, but all felt that the public school simply was not educating well. The movement is only gaining steam.

Please share this ‘cast with those who are interested. There are many questions about home education, asked with increasing shrillness. These questions belie the real interest. Who cares more for children? the State or their parents? who more wants children to be educated to have a happy, healthy, holy…. and prosperous life? Who is better able to socialize a child? Handpicked, competent adults? Or students of the same age? Or some impersonal system?

Or, let’s ask an even simpler question. In which method do student score higher on standardized tests? The answer is clear, robust, replicated. Homeschooled children outperfoRm. And have since the 1980s.


Especially those children who have some learning problem, challenge, or “disability,” home education produces a tremendous outperformance. First, the learning methods can be taylor-made for the child, rather than running a child through a factory like atmosphere, that treats any difference as if it were a defective product. Secondly, the public system does not intend to remediate so much as accommodate. Thirdly, the public system tends to enforce self-fulfilling prophecies. Social research shows that most teachers and certainly other staff tend to see LD as if it were MR, or in other words all learning challenges as a sign of low IQ. Thus, not only academically, but also socially, the children are pushed down. Fourthly, what has been shown to be the single biggest predictor of academic success is: the expectation of the adults around the child. Parent, especially those who give up a place in the workforce and focus their family on home education, are much more likely to have high academic expectations than employees in a large system, with ever lower goals, at best meant for the masses.