Encourage Yourself

Maybe my most favorite cast of the past. We are all about encouraging you. Please be encouraged to have faith that God does want total well-being for your children. Whether you find a totally miraculous healing or miracle situation, or it is a healing or triumph of faith or faith to find a witty solution, it is all good. We will take it. We won’t, however, resign ourselves to our children not having what they need. Hear a Bible exhortation — remembering that if there is a God command, then there is God help to do it.

Turning the Hearts of the Parents to the Children and the Hearts of the Children to the Parents

Following our reflection on the children killed by Herod, let’s replay this episode from 2010 or so. A local young man talks about his father, who was, btw, not just a children’s author but respected as sort of a prophet in town. In the intervening time, the father has passed and the young man is now a father. Thus is life. We still enjoy the words of wisdom: turning hearts toward love.

This ministry would encourage everyone to step toward care for children. Support those who care for children. Consider children during your plans for revival.

BTW, the Spanish speaking world, and most of the older churches are celebrating “Reyos Magos” or the Magi Kings. Let’s be wise… for the sake of the children.

Announcements About the Coming Year

As so many do, I consulted about the next year and will share what I heard.It will be a year of increased vision and clarity. It won’t all be pretty, but victory is in the offing. The time is now.
Also, I’m making the announcement of a re-branding of this podcast ministry. It started around a concern to preaching healing and encouragement to people dealing with learning disabilities. I styled it on the Word of Faith broadcasts that were at that time and probably still all the largest broadcasts in Christendom, and perhaps in any field. However, I always wondered if styling it as a religious broadcast would fail to reach out to those who needed help. Would the religious people even feel they needed this help? Oh, I still have questions, but my understanding at this time is to be more focused and clear and reach directly to those who need help.

Don’t worry. I haven’t changed. Also, please be patient that the change may be somewhat slow because I am flying solo here. If you are a spirit-filled Christian and want to do audio editing for me, please let me know.

Thanks again. Have a wonderful year in 2020. It may have its challenges, but hold tightly to God and be unstoppable and you will find great victories. No more delay.