Explanation of CRT Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is a “conflict theory” or in other words, an analysis of society based on Marxist philosophy, only substituting “white” and “of color” for capital and labor because those categories did not raise enough conflict in the US. People in the USA nearly always classify themselves as “middle class” and workers also own at least part of the means of production, so that analysis failed.

Marx wrote in Das Kapital that he did not care about founding his social analysis on science, but rather felt it was better to simply increase conflict. We see the history of his followers has done exactly that. While the change from Tsar to communist that we call “The Bolshevik” revolution was accompllshed with few deaths — mostly those of the elite, thereafter, a bloodbath followed. Even revolutionaries found themselves in prison or executed for not being of the right party.

Epoch Times, a newspaper started in communist China, reports on the fundamental characteristic of eliminating the middle in order to create conflict between the extremes. We certainly have seen that for years in the United States of America — and I always figured that someone was directly profiting from that. The leaders of our two major political parties, for instance, gave half a story to their followers, demonized the other side, saying “energize the base. ”  Thus, they got citizens fighting with each other, while the leaders, the elite, walked away with the lion’s share of the productivity. The conflict was a smoke screen in order to steal.

We could have had a dialog and worked toward smarter decisions that embraced the insights of both sides. That is not what the leaders wanted to do. We did not use the techniques of dialog or facilitated meetings. Instead, they “energized the base” and spun news reports and made narrow casting.

Now, the situation is worse. We have obvious propaganda channels constantly promoting emotion, on top of pervasive censorship of the best most scientific sources, on top of a longstanding pervasively poor educational system at all levels. Now we have mass intimidation of professionals. The elite are willing to risk a total breakdown of economics in order to enforce, illegally and unconstitutionally, something that makes not one whit of health sense. Reports from Australia and Canada, where gun rights are not embraced, are horrific.

Check out this article from Epoch Times, about how communist takeovers work. https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/the-communist-push-to-eliminate-moderates-and-incite-conflict_4051343.html?utm_source=News&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=breaking-2021-10-16-2&mktids=aa1811c239566ae6a05d50573aecce34&est=o120ZS8qEZQD6Z1QsgqaHdgfvvqozGoZvNi9rfEl9SraKm7hKiN38fVIySbPpjLNe6o%3D

News About Pain Killers- HEART ATTACK RISK AFTER ONE WEEK?!?!?

Very much to our surprise, our “go-to” pain medicine is not safe.  Yes, there is a complicated conversation about which medications to use for children, but older people have been told to take Ibuprofen. Apparently, this is now known to put us at risk of heart attacks!

A meta-analysis means an analysis of many other studies — presumably all that exist on the topic. Being in a peer reviewed journal is practical definition of science. While there may be office politics involved, it is as good as it gets in a practical sense. Peer reviewed means that other scientists reviewed and certified the study as a valid scientific study. Supposedly, without name(s) attached to the original study.

To quote from Life Extension Magazine:

a meta-analysis found the ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) can raise heart attack risk by 48% in less than a week. Ftnt1

Ftn1  Bally M. Dendukuri N, Rich B. et. Al. Osteoarthritis of the knee and hip: a comparison of factors associated with physical activity. Clin Rheumatol. 2007 Nov:26(11):1811-7


The same analysis found a week of naproxen (Aleve) use increases heart attack risk by 53% compared to non-users. Ftn2

Ftn 2  Hsu C., Wong J. Hsu YH et. al. Use of Nonsteriodial Anti-Inflamatory Drugs and Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease in Subject With Hypertension: Nationwide Longitutidinal Cohort Study. Hypertension 2015 Sept 66(3):524-33.


BUT THEN I went shopping for aspirin!

I noticed that little bottles that were orange and big bottles that were not, had exactly the same contents, but different prices. But then! I looked at the inqredients! the big cheap bottle of aspirin listed several ingreidents other than salycylic acid, which is the active ingredient, from the bark of a willow tree. It include propylene gylcol and polyethelene something. These are from oil. these are used in making that plastic yellow rope and the finish on ship decks. Although often in makeup and soap type products, for sure, I wouldn’t want plastic rope ingredients lodged in my heart.

So, then, I looked at the more expensive brand. ON the box, there was no information about inactive ingredients. A clerk showed me that if I took the bottle out of the box, and knew how to unstick the label, that inside I could find them. There were fewer. I bought that bottle. But since then I have heard the familiar name of the company cited as one of the worst big pharma, even anti-christ type companies. Well.

Let me know if you have some suggestions!

Pattern of Lies

How to not be Fooled by the Lies

We see how to not be deceived by the pattern of lies, liars, and lying spirits. We can look around us and see that we , our friends, and a good deal of our nation has been deceived, and badly so.  We have a story in the Bible about a liar sent to be used in warfare.   His name was Rabshakeh, and he was a captain, sent my a brutal marauding emperor Senacharib, to talk to the men of Judah, get them snookered, discouraged, and confused. Thus, he hoped to make his battle against the easier. Actually, he was pretty good at it. Rabshakeh used a pattern of accusations, lies, and false deals.  it might have worked had the Judahites not believed in God; had they not known something about that God was different; had there not been a prophet on the seen and a good king.   Isaiah 37( & II Chronicles 36 and 2Kings 18 & 19)

Lies, Accusations, Projections, Intimidation, Misleading Deals

We are going to look at prophet Isaiah’s memory of the incident. he doesn’t sanitize the picture that Rabshakeh paints as much as Ii Chronicles.  Fear is a weapon. Confusion is a weapon. But hope for normalcy can also be a weapon. Notice that he gives misleading deals, painted with comforting words. The kingdom needed to take a step back and carefully consider. They needed to compare what they were hearing with what they knew. They needed to consult God.

is This Really an Attack on the Church?

In the final analysis, the attack was on God and God’s character. Rabshakeh was only a captain, doing what his emperor was telling him.  That emperor worshiped an idol that today we think really was a front for a demon.  Anyway, God was personally confronted. Not just the religion; not just the kingdom, not just all the people, but the thing went to the depth. Rabshakeh used God’s person name and said over and over that that God could not stand up to the Assyrians.

And so, God took it personally. We see in the end of the story, how God reserved the lat move for Himself. Judah won without fighting this time. Most of the time, they did have to show up. This time, they had to just not be deceived by the lying.

So, today, we focus on the pattern of lying.

If this is not very clear to you, would you like a retrospective, along with a course in reasoning? Seriously, I am so amazed in a bad way at how people have been so fooled. Can people really be that stupid? Are that many people really paid off? What is going on?

Please please do share this episode with your pastor!

Here are some pastors who say 1) enough is enough and 2) pastors, you had better get on board. https://flashpoint.govictory.com/episode/flashpoint-enough-is-enough-pray-eric-metaxas-dutch-sheets-mario-murillo/   Please listen to the end, where they pray for pastors. You will see it is straightforward, but upbeat.


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