God Wants You and Your Children Healed

Here is a classic GSB ‘cast. God wants you and your children healed and we know this based on what we know about Jesus’ wounds. For more on this, see my book, God Wants You Healed, available at www.lulu.com. Available as a paperback or a pdf.

Think! Do much is covered under the topic of healing. Why should we think the promise faded long ago? Why should it not related to learning disabilities? Why should it not be true for older people? Well, it is true… This cast over turns the sad, mistaken stories and will give you hope to believe (again.)

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Marketer Speaks Out Against Porn

Dani Johnson of multi-level marketing fame and mother of 5 speaks out against pornography: what the marketers are doing to addict your children and what she does with her own children. This was our most popular ‘cast; it ia rerun from 2009.

Here is a more current article, covering dangers of social media, pf which many parents are unaware.

https://medium.com/@anastasiabasilcunningham/porn-is-not-the-worst-thing-on-musical-ly-5df07ab842af nowayismykidgettingthisapp : porn, bullying, and suicide

It is not true that parental controls are adequate. It is not true that if you peruse your child’s social media account that you see what went on. It is true that it is very difficult to un-see something after you have seen in.

I was particularly weirded out that the word “prude” was on the blog page. I remember when I was young, a more open view of sex, in short of extra-marital and public sex was encouraged by the use of the term “healthy minded.” Now, if you don’t want your child bullied, addicted to sex, or engaging in suicide… are you now to be branded a prude? Lord help us!

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Intractable Learning Problems? See Lindamood-Bell

Mrs. Jennifer Sangave, from Lindamood-Bell in Austin, gave us an inspiring interview. She says they have statistics and claim a high success rate, even when children who have not done well in other programs. An individualized plan is the key. Hear what she has to say.

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