Homeschool – You Can Do It

It is predicted that there will be a great uptick in numbers of home educated children. We encourage you to consider the possibility. We will point you to some help.

What Rich Parents Teach Their Children

Every parent wants to set their child up for a good life. They can do that mostly by what they teach them. Giving them an inheritance of course helps, but the inheritance of mindset, worldview and knowledge and skills are even more important. This is perhaps the most practical teaching on the subject of getting rich that you will ever hear. I do have more, but I will save it for the time when more people want to hear it. If that is you, contact me. Let me know of your interest.

The summer will be over quickly. (Altho, yes, I know it is hard to imagine!) use your time with your children wisely!

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Kids and Business — Things to do This Summer

As promised, a few ideas about what you can do with your children this summer that teaches them more about money, finances, and leads them to a life of prosperity. Don’t forget to listen to the previous episode that helps you with basic philosophy. And don’t forget to contribute your ideas below, here on this website. Feel free to ask your questions too. Invest.