God Wants Success for Your Children

In this series we establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wants you healed. Healing is talked about very directly in the Bible. God may not get all He wants. God wants everyone saved, but everyone does not get saved. Yet, it is very encouraging, when one is seeking salvation to know what God’s will is. He desires us to agree with Him. So it is with healing!

Yet, there are so very many stories about why people don’t get healed. Actually there are very many stories about why God may not want someone healed. But virtually no Bible verses! Yet so very much time in Sunday School is spent on making up such stories!

Given this state of affairs, it become very hard for a mother to have confidence that God wants well-being for her child. That encouragement is exactly what this broadcast now podcast was set up to do: encourage. First faith, and then activity. Some healing comes by miracle, some by growth, and some by wise innovation or practice. I would take it anyway it comes.

Now, I know that not every child is destined to be a scholar. Nevertheless, every child can be successful enough in school. Every child can be success at his or her own calling. This we should believe God for. This is encouragement that it was not God that planned for pain, deficiency or failure. All that was brought in with the fall. And is sometimes brought in by choices. For instance, if someone smokes like a chimney, it is not surprising that their health is less than it could be. For a child, however, the child seldom makes choices to be less than successful. I assume a mother wouldn’t. So pray in confidence.

Even pray boldly. Even if we do not win them all, that would be no reason not to try, right?

So, that is why I wanted to talk about this: God wants academic success, learning success, the ablity to do what is needed.. and wants that for every child. Hear how!

Full series available at www.greatshalom.org in store.

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God Wants the Best for You and for Your Children

God wants you healed. Hear how.
So often people just make up a story about God’s capriciousness instead of inquiring about God’s will or learning how to pray. We might not have it all right, but it is comforting to hear the Bible truth: God wants the best for you. That starts with Bible verses about healing.
So let’s start with that.

Of course the promises about being healed by the stripes that Jesus bore before his crucifixion apply to your children too! God did NOT plan for any defect or deficiency. Those came in the fall. Jesus came to redeem us from the fall. All those enemies are not conquered yet. That won’t happen until the last when we are all glorified, but we are working that out now. The enemies are being put under the feet. Let’s just start with a clear understanding about the promises having to do with healing.

We do have a book by the same title available here.
We also have an audio series under the tab “Shop.” We will give you just a sample in the podcast.

Love and blessings, Sharon

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Agree, Sleep, and Stop Crazy the Screen Addiction — and everything becomes better

Practical Parenting… So Kids Stay Grounded In A Spinning World — Keith McCurdy

Dr. Keith McCurdy gives near panacea advice to families, youth : parents must agree, kids get 10 hours of sleep, and kids must do a social media fast… and then we can deal with whatever problems remain. Amazing. Rings true.
So, whether the problem is anxiety, ADD/ADHD, rebellion, mental illness or whatever else, if we start with a healthy baseline, then the problems reduce… and can be addressed.
Parental agreement (just on how to proceed in this instance rather than on everything) , sleep, and stopping the spinning crisis world of screens… yes, that looks exactly like the key to me.
McCurdy is a pyschologist and is interviewed by the Base Camp Live podcast, which centers on classical education. Everyone will profit.

Please see also, previous episode on gaming addiction.

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