FIND NEW VENDORS IF YOU WANT ANY LEVEL OF CONTINUED FREEDOM The big companies and the big boys in government could not do this unless we let them. Find other companies to do business with. Find other representatives. It is freedom. It is sanity. It is life itself.

Big Tech, mainstream media, and the abortion industry are now colluding to make us an even bigger target than previously reported – because they see that LifeSite’s articles are too effectively exposing their lies and evil deeds.

They are doing everything they can to shut down this truth mission and silence us forever. Our mission to utilize media as a platform to speak the truth is a direct threat to their agenda and you won’t believe the lengths to which they’ve gone in their persecution.

We are in imminent danger of being shut down and silenced by most of the platforms that have been reaching people with our news. Our banishment thus far from the giant social media outlets Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook and the now near total absence of LifeSite reports from Google searches, is proof of this.

Additionally, we are seeing increased legal threats and technical attacks on our website!

In order to ensure our website can withstand and respond to the onslaught of censorship and direct attacks, your immediate support is vital. We must meet our Summer Fundraising Campaign goal of $500,000 by July 2nd in order to continue providing this alternative news source to you and your family 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

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Cancel culture has really ramped up their efforts to cancel conservatives over the last year. When the main LifeSiteNews Facebook page was removed last month, we learned that four of the top U.S. anti-life and anti-family organizations were actively behind our removal from Facebook.

In a joint statement, Media Matters for America and LGBT powerhouses such as GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, and NARAL Pro-Choice America said in part:

It took pressure to get Facebook to remove LifeSiteNews’ page, including calling attention to the flagrant COVID-19 and vaccine disinformation on LifeSiteNews’ page, compiling more than 100 posts that proved LifeSiteNews’ repeated violation of Facebook’s related policies, and outreach from GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign, NARAL, and Media Matters to get Facebook to finally act.

Let’s be clear: together, these four organizations form an axis of evil, seeking to eliminate all voices who oppose their inhuman ideologies, and right now we seem to be public enemy #1.

Their statement concludes by revealing their next move: “LifeSiteNews still has three pages that remain on the platform — which Facebook must be committed to removing.”

As we’ve experienced, Big Tech corporations like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter have used the global virus situation to double down on their efforts to silence those of us who are fighting for a pro-life and pro-family culture.

And now, we are experiencing first-hand exactly how Big Tech is in cahoots with the abortion industry.

The external threats that we face are stronger than ever, impacting our ability to deliver our unique news reports to the world. Therefore, our efforts to become completely self-sufficient and not rely on Big Tech at all is especially crucial, and also very costly.

If we expect LifeSite’s mission to continue, we must meet our Summer fundraising goal. Can I count on you for a gift of $500, $250, $100, or even $35 to help us offset the costs of completely moving away from freedom destroying Big Tech – before we are shut off completely? Please use this link to donate now:

The censorship we face is all part of a cultural and spiritual battle – all for the sake of ensuring the world hears the truth. But with God’s providence, and your help, we will not be defeated.

We are currently acting quickly and efficiently to detach from all mainstream companies we use to process donations, send out daily news emails to our millions of subscribers, and the hosting and operation of our website. Unfortunately, the cost of these platform changes is significant.

Several of the third-party companies that we have used for years have already de-platformed other pro-life and pro-family activists and organizations. Now, based on the evidence of Big Abortion actively seeking to silence us, it’s clear that we would be next on the chopping block!

We are reaching the highest level of readers in our history. A shut-down of any of the mainstream services we rely on would severely affect our ability to reach readers with the critical news and information that we provide every day that you will find in fewer and fewer other news sources.

Truth is being deliberately crushed to pave the way for an anti-life, anti-family, even anti-human (de-population) and anti-God New World Order.

Since switching to alternate platforms will incur increased monthly costs, please consider becoming a monthly supporter. To make a monthly pledge, click here.

Your generosity will ensure we can switch to alternative, mostly Christian vendors who will not cave under the pressures of progressivist organizations like NARAL and GLAAD who are determined to silence us (and you) forever.

With your support, and the support of all LifeSite readers, we are confident that our news service will not only survive but continue to thrive and expand to reach an ever-increasing demographic of people seeking the Truth in news!

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And by the way, there are many non-Christians who also regularly read, rely on and praise LifeSite because they see that everyone’s freedom and social stability are threatened by the developments we report on.

I hope you will join us.

God bless you,
John-Henry Westen
Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief

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Sharing Safety Info for the Whole Family

My opinion is that every mother is responsible for the knowledge of health and safety of the children and the older people in her family. Here is some help. Prevent serious injury and death by avoiding …. foolish behavior. Sort out what is true. (BTW, sign up in the signup form and get a document of 12 questions to help you sort out what is true.)

The report that teens are hospitalized with covid-19 is “misleading”

Professor of Molecular Genetics Issues Chilling Warning

Senator uploads videos saying the wellknown facts re HCQ and Youtube suspends the Senator. WHAT is going on? No respect for a senator? Reason necessary to quash info on safe treatment/preventative/ THINK ABOUT IT.

Mike Wallace exposes the swine flu vaccine
Check out the personal memories in the comments.


Alan Dershowitz, no less, warns against the new censorship

Would you like an encouragement of apocalyptic level? I got it. Remember the blood moon on 2015? I remember watching with neighbors. But I never saw a great judgment; no cataclysm. Then I asked myself what great thing did happen? Oh, Trump was elected. It was starting right then. It had worldwide, long-term consequences. And it was indeed a great judgment on the evil people. It was also a great relief to righteous people. OH! That is the way God does it. He makes a difference between the good and the bad. Don’ you remember the Bible record? There was a blood moon when Jesus was crucified. People came out, expectant, worried, ready to hear on Pentecost. Why? Because they knew the blood moon was an important sign. There had been a blood moon the day Jesus was crucified. The Jews knew there was a great judgement coming. Yes, it came, but so did great rescue. Right then. Both.

Please be diligent to share this information, in a respectful and gentle way, to those who could use it. We have shifted back to a communication organization to a more networked way. Please be part. Make your network.

What is True? Math. Responsibility!

I have been very restrained for the ministry’s sake, but you know I have been warning against the v”accinashuns.” Since we had Dr. Wakefield on back in January 2009, I figured more conversation on “vacciNasions” would be tolerated. I knew people were so afraid they couldn’t think. When people are that afraid and feel under attack, often they attack. Others, knowing what was going on were simply happy to have some reprieve; they were coming for help for their child’s problem, after all, not more info on the … current news. After a conversation with a friend, I just had to speak and GIVE YOU A SUMMARY AND BE JUST A LITTLE MORE CLEAR. Some people still have no idea! This week, much is coming out. What some of us have known all along, is being more widely shared. The conventional news media and even FB, the worst of social media has had to admit that there is a bug crack in their previous “story.”

So, this episode is what I would say to my sweet but clueless friend. I give you just the top highlight, the simplest math, and the most obviously encouragement about what being a responsible mother/citizen would mean. Our previous episode on how to tell what is true is here. We are also offering a FREE document of 20 questions you can ask to ensure you are not snookered in any circumstance. (This comes out of my long study of logic, many years of managing controversial conversations in a college classroom, fearless devotion to studying theological doctrines from every angle, and handling business as a single woman.) Just email me and I will send you the document. It is just about 3 pages long so you can fold it up and put it in your purse. Then pull it out, when you need it. Or memorize it. Never be fooled again. Complete with at least one Scripture verse for each of the 20 questions. )

Then, also, I have just put together 2 long audio episodes to help you, especially if you are bewildered. One is a summation of what happened and when in the “pandemic.” The other track is a compilation of how to ensure your family’s health and safety. The problem isn’t over. It will never go away. Similar problems may continue to show up. The greatest danger is NOW — not a year ago. Inform yourself, arm yourself with knowledge, and have a tool kit, or a box of herbs and supplements at the ready. I point you to an array of resources, some traditional and others replete with citations to peer reviewed journals. Let me be your Mensa girlfriend, your wise old relative, the momma gorilla who helps the rest of the band have good babies!


As I think I mentioned, I am seeing that now people are willing to listen, as more facts are being exposed, and more lies are shown for what they were.

Here is what others are saying.

Flashpoint, a news analysis from ministers on gives a summary:

Elijah steams interviews Johnny Enlow. This is very deep stuff. Enlow has a great batting average, helping heads of state, opposing spiritual tyrants, and getting it right. I respect him.


OSHA had reservations but was bullied out of them Update: Gov Abbott of Texas bans vaccine passports. Let me give you the Gov’s site. We have learned not to trus conventional media, have we not?
We Have no Choice (in sending our child to a college and thus getting a *) WHAT?!

Doctors Sue Against Giving Children the Jab
Covid V*x Implicated in Heart Problems for Youth
Homeschooling is Tripling
Requiring an Untested, inlicensed Vax is Illegal in the US
Reair of One of Our Most Important Moments: Dr. Wakefield Please hear this, from 2009. Hear how reasonable he is. Compare this to the atrocious words about him. He was exonerated. His science was impeccable. But he withdrew in dismay. Why would someone be so vicious against him. Was it just their profit? Or did they know that 2020 was coming up?

Wow! I apologize if

I blew it! The last 2 episodes were posted on the website — but maybe not sent out as podcast episodes. Eeeek! Here they are:
1. Zero Percent Chance of Living This is the story of when we got a miracle for my grandson who was smashed in a car accident.
2. Overcoming Learning Problems thru Innovative Methods This is the story of how I helped another grandson with his learning problems.